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Q&A: A talk with one of the "Grouchy Historians"

The book is described on Amazon as something that “reclaims the Constitution from the right-wingers who think that they and only they know how to interpret it.” Ed Asner and Ed. Weinberger released the book in October 2017. The Daily Wildcat Arts & Life Editor Pascal Albright talked with Asner about his book and the message behind it. Read more

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah shares his short stories at TFOB

Up-and-coming short-story author Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah will be featured at this year’s Tucson Festival of Books for his debut book “Friday Black” — a collection of dystopian short stories that reveal the painful injustices of life and the grim realities of being young and black in America. Read more

Local authors share the spotlight at TFOB

The Tucson Festival of Books is one of the largest book festivals in the United states that invites over 350 authors from all over the country to participate, but for local authors being a part of the festival has a different meaning.  Read more

Q&A: Fungi: more than a decomposer

Peter Kennedy is an associate professor visiting from the University of Minnesota and focusing on biology teaching and learning, ecology, evolution, behavior and plant and microbial biology.    Read more

Q&A: Deborah Kaye, Professor of Jewish Studies, published in The Religious Studies Review

Earlier this year, professor Deborah Kaye had her work on Judaic and Mediterranean studies published in the the Religious Studies Review. The essay, titled "Jewish Continuity and Mediterranean History: Medieval and Early Modern Studies," is an extensive essay on the extent of Jewish culture and how it has been analyzed in the past. She also writes on the impact Mediterranean lifestyles have had on Jewish customs. The Daily Wildcat was able to interview her about the work and her field of study. Read more

Q&A: $20 million endowment to College of Optical Sciences

This past fall, the College of Optical Sciences received a $20 million endowment from its founding director and former dean, James C. Wyant. This endowment will be used to create more faculty positions and will be paid out over the next five years. The Daily Wildcat was able to ask Dr. Wyant about his reason for the donation and other questions about his work and optical sciences.  Read more

New radio talk show to “raise the level of conversation”

Professor Albert Bergesen and Robin Hiller launched their new radio show, “Smart Talk”, at KVOI on Feb. 2. Bergeson teaches in the College of Social Sciences and Hiller works in the College of Education as the Interim Executive Director for the Education Policy Center Fellows.  Read more