Arts & Life

Former UA professor brings his life to the stage

Some people write books or make movies about their lives — Bill Epstein takes his life story to the stage.  After spending time in New York City, UA Professor Emeritus of English Bill Epstein brings his one-man play, “My Life in Sports,” to Tucson at the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre. Read more

Native youth build media advocacy skills through workshops

The Native Nations Institute, a public service unit of the University of Arizona, spearheaded a new program during the summer of 2016 called Project Youth ACT, an acronym for Agents of Change within Tribes. This program, geared towards Native high school students in Arizona, teaches advocacy skills to youth through media. Read more

UA student takes redesigned clothes to the next level

When you see a polo at a clothing store, you may just see it as a normal, everyday shirt. For Paola Ochoa, this same polo shirt is seen as something that can be transformed into a trendy, two-piece set. Ochoa, an art major at the University of Arizona, turns ordinary clothes from the sale rack into fashion-forward pieces unlike any other.  Read more

Q&A: UA alum helps create new LGBTQ newsletter

Christianna Silva, who graduated from the University of Arizona in 2017, has started a career as a journalist covering civil rights, LGBTQ and gender issues. Since her time as a Wildcat, the UA alumna has had articles featured in Teen Vogue, VICE News, NPR and Newsweek. The Daily Wildcat spoke with Silva about “The Bottom Line,” a new weekly LGBTQ-themed newsletter she co-created with her friend Danny Nett. Read more

CCP springs into new semester with new exhibitions

The Center for Creative Photography at UA is recognized as one of the world's finest study centers for the history of photography, according to its website, but the museum is also home to several events featuring different collections this spring semester.  Read more

Getting a taste of UA's Student Union

Students not only got a taste of what the University of Arizona Student Union has to offer during the Taste of the Union event on Thursday, Jan. 10, they got tastes of each vendors’ food as well.  The event is held annually at the beginning of the spring semester and consists of a scavenger hunt that requires students to get a stamp and a sample from every vendor at the Union. After the hunt, their names are drawn for a chance to win a prize, including this year's prize of a new bike. Read more

This Week in Astrology

As we begin our first full week of classes, we may find we seek help navigating through the semester and predicting the future to help us make choices. How does this work? An intricate chart shows us how the Sun moves in or near a belt of constellations named the Zodiac. When we are born, our sun sign is determined by which of the 12 constellations is nearest to the sun at the time of birth. Astrology charts show that what happens in outer space determines personality traits and predicts events. Read more

UA nursing prof. develops child-abuse screening program

Children are in and out of emergency rooms every day. Most are in for accidents or illness — broken bones on playgrounds or the flu — but not always. Some are seen for abuse-related injuries. However, the U.S. has no standardized screening process to identify the early signs of child abuse in this country’s emergency departments. As a result, cases of physical child abuse fly under the radar. Read more