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AASA hosts Poet Terrance Hayes for community forum

On Friday, Feb. 23, African American Student Affairs invited award-winning poet Terrance Hayes to do an open forum where students were allowed to comment and ask questions about his work.  AASA is an organization on campus that provides a system that encourages excellence and provides an African American cultural experience on campus. They hold events to promote growth, help students academically and provide a space for minorities.  Read more

Tucson Hip Hop Festival returns to the downtown scene

“From the heart cause if you wanna start to move up the chart, then expression is a big part of it,” Dr. Dre raps from the hit song, “Express Yourself” by rap group N.W.A.  Hip-hop; a cultural phenomenon that captured the minds of many people, being all rooted from one place: Africana traditions and culture.  The Tucson Hip-Hop Festival, that has run for three years, brings together the love of music with the educational component coming from students, faculty, and alumni from the department of Africana Studies College, bringing their expertise of hip-hop to the festival. Read more

TV comedy writing lab at UA

While in college pursuing higher learning, students are given opportunities to prepare for the professional world. In class, they discover how to program computers, direct movies and interpret an Impressionist painting, yet the University of Arizona provides further resources for students to network and gain the skills they need to pursue their career goals.  The Hanson Film Institute provided one such resource with a golden opportunity for some film and creative writing students in the form of a TV comedy writing lab. Read more

Choreographer showcased for her artistic activism

For years, Los Angeles-based choreographer and activist Ana Maria Alvarez has utilized dance to inspire change and transformation, and this year, she is being spotlighted at the Binational Arts Residency. The Binational Arts Residency is a program dedicated to showcasing artists with alternative narratives, especially those of women. The program highlights one artist each year, giving them a chance to show their craft to communities in Phoenix, Tucson, Douglas and Agua Prieta over a week and a half.  Read more

Food truck brings 'super fruit' to UA campus

A big, bright-purple, solar-powered truck stands alone on a plain slab of concrete on the corner of North Park Avenue and East South Campus Drive. A line of college students waits at the window, each leaving with a colorful bowl of fruits and granola. This is the Purple Tree Organic Açai Blends food truck. Co-owner of the truck André Newman, known campus-wide as the “Açai Man,” is just as popular as the product he sells. His warm personality makes students at the University of Arizona feel welcome. Read more

CESL celebrates 50 years of 'international culture'

The University of Arizona’s Center for English as Second Language (CESL) is celebrating 50 years on campus. In 1968, the center was formed when then-president of the university, Richard Harvill, asked Frank Pialorsi, a teacher and graduate student at the time, to run a summer program to teach English for international students.  Read more

UA department of East Asian Studies expands with new Korean minor

The University of Arizona’s Department of East Asian Studies offers a variety of focuses for their majors and minors, including Chinese and Japanese language or culture, and is now expanding to include a minor in Korean. Korean classes have been available at the UA, but the department has not offered any higher-level courses until now, giving Korea the attention in East Asian Studies it needed, according to Albert Welter, head of the Department of East Asian Studies. Read more

Not Your Regular Tuesday Night

Borrowing bayou staples of tradition and the ‘fun of Mardi Gras’, Hotel Congress continues with their tradition of bringing a little piece of Louisiana to the desert.   On Fat Tuesday, Hotel Congress, 311 East Congress Street, brought a Mardi Gras party to downtown Tucson. Bringing culture from the bayou and giving locals and travelers an excuse to dress up and have a good time. Read more

Dancing off the field

Tamara Statman, a political science junior and designated hitter for the UA softball team, has been playing softball her entire life and her passion shows in her performance. Over the past two seasons, Statman has batted in 46 runs, hit 6 home runs and in the 2016 season secured a .289 batting average.  Read more

UA's Rodeo Team rides into its 79th year

 The first Celebration of the Cowboys, held in 1925, was three days of events and competitions. Today, the event has grown to a nine-day celebration centered on the Tucson Rodeo, one of the top 25 professional rodeos in North America according to  Read more

Two 'Hip' Eateries in Tucson

Time Market, a ‘hip’ grocery store that serves a wide variety of food ranging from wood fired pizza, fresh sandwiches, espresso, beer and wine, is a hotspot for students and local community members according to TucsonWeekly. “With a friendly staff and reasonable prices, Time Market is a longtime Tucson favorite,” TucsonWeekly said. Read more