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Waltz to 'Wonderland' with UA DanceSport

Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, or to the Modern Languages building, and go “mad” with Wildcat DanceSport, the University of Arizona’s competitive ballroom dance team, as they perform Alice in Wonderland. Read more

Artist brings Tucson back to the past with new exhibition

The University of Arizona Museum of Art celebrated the opening of three exhibitions Thursday, Nov. 8, including (What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1.), created specifically for Tucson by L.A.-based Frohawk Two Feathers. The Daily Wildcat talked to Frohawk Two Feathers to get insight into his art style and the inspirations for this gallery  Read more

UA student doubles as local Indie artist

UA Film & Television student and local indie artist Clay Dudash released his new music on SoundCloud and Bandcamp August 31. His new album Thee Demonstration is a mixtape of rap and R&B songs with his own lyrics. The Daily Wildcat was able to ask him a few questions about his music. Read more

The stage is set for Inishmaan

  The cast and crew of The Cripple of Inishmaan rehearsed on the finished stage in the Tornabene Theater at the University of Arizona for the first time on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018. For a little over a month the cast had been rehearsing in room 114 of the Drama Addition Building while a team of students built the set. The actors had been blocking around make-shift props and elevations taped onto the floor. This Thursday, they were finally able to see the tape lifted off and the set come to life on the stage. Read more

'Grande Dame' of UA passes the baton

 In 1954, Shirlee Bertolini — already a twirling champion — travelled by train from Detroit, Mich. to Tucson, Ariz. The band director at the time, Jack Lee, had plans for the Pride of Arizona and personally asked Bertolini to become the University of Arizona’s first featured twirler.  Read more

‘Second Assault’ to be featured at Loft Film Fest

 Imagine being an 18-year-old, out-of-state freshman at The University of Arizona. It is your first month in college, and no one believes you. This narrative was true for 2010 UA alumna Jillian Corsie, a sexual assault survivor, documentary filmmaker and film editor. Corsie, 12 years after the assault, turned her experience into a documentary called Second Assault, which will be featured at the 2018 Loft Film Fest.  Read more

DUSK 2018 Artists Guide

In this Daily Wildcat special edition, we give you the information you need to know about the 2018 DUSK Music Festival in Tucson on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11. Look inside to see the festival lineup, map, policies and get to know the artists.  Read more

The power of music on culture

The University of Arizona’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences hosted their 6th annual lecture series in downtown. This year’s theme was on “Music, Place, and Identity.”  Read more

UA alum debuts new single

University of Arizona Alumn, Brett Lashley, released his first rock single on Friday, Oct. 26th. Lashley, originally from Illinois, graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Music in guitar performance in 2013.  Read more

Album Review: Phantogram’s latest is masterful

  Ten songs but only 36 minutes long, Phantogram’s Three is a punchy offering from the classic indie pop duo and continues to serve up more of Phantogram’s fusion between indie rock and electronica.  While the record doesn’t shake up their formula too much, the 10 songs it provides fit nicely with the rest of their discography. It isn’t amazing, but it’s certainly par for the course. Read more

DUSK festival regulations

 DUSK Music Festival brings in artists from a range of genres, fans from all across the nation and a set of rules that everyone in attendance should follow. The full list of allowed and prohibited items can be found on the DUSK website, but here is a quick outline of the big things to look out for.   Read more