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Album Review: Phantogram’s latest is masterful

  Ten songs but only 36 minutes long, Phantogram’s Three is a punchy offering from the classic indie pop duo and continues to serve up more of Phantogram’s fusion between indie rock and electronica.  While the record doesn’t shake up their formula too much, the 10 songs it provides fit nicely with the rest of their discography. It isn’t amazing, but it’s certainly par for the course. Read more

DUSK festival regulations

 DUSK Music Festival brings in artists from a range of genres, fans from all across the nation and a set of rules that everyone in attendance should follow. The full list of allowed and prohibited items can be found on the DUSK website, but here is a quick outline of the big things to look out for.   Read more

Three years of DUSK, first year downtown

  A variety of music genres, local food, live art and a venue right in the heart of Tucson are what you can expect this year at DUSK music festival Nov. 10 and 11. 2018 marks the third year of DUSK but the first year that the festival will be downtown.   “This year is unique, because we’re moving downtown, so to be in a dense urban environment is a unique set of challenges, but the result is gonna be pretty breathtaking. It’s going to be really cool,” said Page Repp, the festival director. Read more

Album Review: Dillon Francis electrifies with Wut Wut

  The realm of EDM has been opening international bridges for unprecedented talent and works of eccentric art.  The multitalented artist Dillon Francis released his latest full album Wut Wut close to a month ago, with a head-banging collection of 11 different songs that introduce Francis’ fanbase to the Latin-pop music scene.  Read more

Album Review: Elohim bares her soul

Her name and face may be a mystery, but her music isn’t. Elohim, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, electro-pop recording artist, DJ and producer, shares her deepest secrets and feelings with the world through music while maintaining a nearly anonymous identity.  Read more


From local bands to those who have traveled far and wide, DUSK Music Festival  highlights 19 artists that range from rock & hip-hop to house & trap music Read more

Film Student explores immigrant's first Thanksgiving

  Stephanie Silva, a University of Arizona senior film and television student, is bringing diversity into the film industry with her thesis short film, “The First Thanksgiving.” Silva, the film’s director, said that “The First Thanksgiving” is about a Latina girl’s experience celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States.  “It’s about a teenage girl who just immigrated from Mexico to the United States, and she is learning about identity and cultivation of this new home with Thanksgiving dinner,” Silva said.   Read more

Locksmith University: The Forgotten Lot

In modern society, everything of necessity and importance has a lock and key. The people at the University of Arizona Lock Shop work behind-the-scenes out of old town houses to guarantee security. The Lock Shop cuts the keys—a small band of locksmiths maintain the locks and keys to everything on campus and in affiliation with the UA. Read more