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Film, fine arts and fresh dirt

The Loft Kids Fest film series, in its twelfth year, returns to the screens of The Loft Cinema this July 20 through the 29. The festival, sponsored by organizations like Pima County Public Library, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and the Cares Foundation, showcase family-friendly films along with hands-on activities, live performances and giveaways.  Read more

High school students learn importance of environmental health

The Environmental Scholars Summer Bootcamp gives high school students an opportunity to voice their concerns on environmental topics and have a hands-on approach. They can write a grant proposal that lets them carry out their projects through funding from the University of Arizona. The eight-day bootcamp is offered through the UA’s Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center and is open to all high school students seeking to become familiar with the topic of environmental health.  According to the College of Pharmacy’s website, the summer camp is modeled after successful science camps which lets students learn and create real-world connections between toxicology and the environment. Read more

Tinkerlabs build creativity and experimentation

 The Tinkerlab is colorful and broken up into different stations. Two tables in the middle of the room have building blocks and puzzle pieces laid out. In one corner there is a bean bag and several books; in the other is a color wheel that helps teach children about primary and secondary colors. Another station allows children to examine themselves in a mirror while drawing a self-portrait. Designed to bring back ideas from the Renaissance era — an era in which science, art and mathematics were not three different branches of study but were considered one and the same — the University of Arizona Museum of Art presents Tinkerlabs to promote the idea of tinkering to build, draw and experiment.  One objective for the Tinkerlabs is to get young children excited about science, math and art and to teach them about the connections between the three fields. Read more

Tucson Village Farm receives grant to build culinary center for local youth

Tucson Village Farm was chosen as the Angel Charity Beneficiary and begins a $445,000 construction beginning June 28 at 8:00 a.m. on a certified teaching kitchen.  The Tucson Village farm, located at 4101 N. Campbell Ave, serves the Tucson community as a source of education for children and young adults looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their everyday diets.  Read more

New Metaphysical Shop Celebrates the First Day of Summer

Before science could explain the natural phenomenon, the summer solstice was commemorated all across the globe. Even now, many Tucsonans and cultures around the world mark the day in honor of the sun and the life it has made possible. The summer solstice, which occurs roughly around June 21, is the longest day of the year—more than six hours longer than the winter solstice in December. Read more

SAACA celebrates Mexican food, fun and flavor

The Southern Arizona Arts and Culture Alliance (SAACA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, preservation and advancement of the arts, hosts several events throughout the year that highlight Tucson culture, from music to food. It held the third annual Tucson 23 Miles of Mexican Food festival at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa on June 16 which featured food, live music, art and drinks. This event celebrates the best 23 miles of Mexican food, which is one of Visit Tucson’s main campaigns for the tourism industry according to Shelby Scheer, the operations manager of SAACA. Visit Tucson partnered with SAACA to help represent Mexican culture in an interdisciplinary format. Read more

Healthy juice comes to La Encantada

Bringing a “heathy and sustainable lifestyle” to La Encantada shopping center, Nektar juice bar will hold its Grand Opening Saturday June 23. With a variety of juices, smoothies, acai bowls and other alternatives the juice bar originated in California. The grand opening starts at 8:00 a.m. and there will be special deals, like 16 oz smoothies for $1.50 and “swag bags” will be given to the first 50 customers, to promote the bar. Inside the bags will be goodies from local stores at La Encantada, according to Manager Kristen Hoppe. Read more

UA Planetarium summer line-up

The University of Arizona Flandrau Planetarium, located at 1601 E. University Blvd, offers several summer events to the public. It showcases attractions like light/theatre shows, science exhibits and a large mineral museum.. Flandrau is known for its laser light shows and will hold various sessions all summer until Sept. 2, each include a variety of themes like Laser Stranger Things, which features 80s music and imagery from the television show every Friday and Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Read more

DeGrazia’s birthday celebration renews respect for Sonoran culture

Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia was an everyman’s Jack of all trades—an impressionist painter and sculptor, a composer, an architect, a director and a lithographer, among other titles. His work was all created in and inspired by the world of the Sonoran desert and the melting-pot culture it provided. The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun has 15,000 original DeGrazia pieces in the vault but there are more than twice scattered around the world, according to the DeGrazia website. Read more

Musical production molds young actors

 Arts Express, a performing arts education organization in Southern Arizona, works with students ages 14-24 in Tucson looking to further their acting experiences, meet new friends and produce a theater show at the end of the month-long Arts America Summer Stock program — a program filled with rehearsals, learnings sessions and group activities.   Arts Express has been in service for over 30 years, and this summer the youth program ends with the production of the Broadway musical “Big Fish.” “Big Fish” is a tale of adventure and romance that revolves around the relationship between Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman, and his adult son Will, who looks for what is behind his father’s tall stories. Read more

Creating a horror movie "Slumber Party"

According to program director Jeff Yanc, the Loft Cinema strives to offer Tucsonans something conventional theatres and laptop screens can’t offer—a film experience. The Loft is always competing with television and online streaming, but tries to create an experience that will attract the public to the theatre. “Films lose a lot when you watch them on laptops and phones,” Yanc said. "What we’re trying to do is do film justice, the way it’s supposed to be seen.” Yanc has been hosting the all-nite Scream-O-Rama for ten years, since he began working at the Loft Cinema. Read more