Arts & Life

Hanson Film Institute and UAMA bring art to the screen

 A new partnership between the Hanson Film Institute and the University of Arizona Museum of Art created “Exhibition on Screen,” a documentary series that will give its audience exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the preparation and staging of some of the world’s acclaimed art exhibitions from recent past.   Read more

Punk, the lost music in Tucson

The show was well done as far as punk shows go. The music was loud, players were yelling at the audience and the crowd was moshing and screaming right back. Read more

Local record stores serve Tucson with a passion for music

How do you listen to music? A few decades ago it would be commonplace to have a collection of 8 tracks or cassettes with all the best tunes. More recently CDs were the way to go, and many people still hold on to their favorite digital music discs. The most popular digital methods of today are streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music or downloadable files that allow one to carry thousands of songs in their back pocket. Read more

Five Things to do in December

December is here, and so is the end of the semester. Whether you’re just trying to keep your spirits up through finals week or plan on sticking around during break, here are a few things to check out in Tucson to make the most of this month.  Read more

An earful: 'Heaven's Gate"

The new podcast "Heaven's Gate," produced by Stitcher and Pineapple Street Media, began on Oct. 18 and endeavors to understand, or at least tell the story, of Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult that believes in an elevated plane of existence accessible through alien technology. Read more

Students gain leadership skills along U.S.-Mexico border

 The University of Arizona Department of Spanish and Portuguese has developed the Critical Service Learning Program, which gives students firsthand volunteer experience in complex issues surrounding immigration, the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border and the criminalization of border communities.  Read more