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Student Unions' plantED Culinary Worshop series returns

For college students, it is incredibly easy to fall prey to unhealthy eating habits — many students do not know how or do not have time to cook and are low on grocery money. McDonalds is cheap, ramen packets are cheaper and many students do not know how to shop for healthy food economically. Read more

Reducing stress one student at a time

Stressbusters, a group of University of Arizona student volunteers that has been eliminating students’ anxieties since 2013, is expanding its team for the new school year. The nationwide program, created by Jordan Friedman at Columbia University, serves as an outlet for students to relax and unwind by receiving a 5-to-10-minute back rub from the student volunteers. They are taught how to calm students down in a positive way, fulfilling the Stressbusters’ mission.  Read more

Creating visual conversations around gun violence

Two University of Arizona students aspired to bring the community closer by talking about gun violence through an interactive art exhibit held on campus. “A Memorial for Past and Potential Gun Victims” was held in the Lionel Rombach Gallery, accross from the Center for Creative Photography, and ran from from Sept. 5 until Sept. 13. The exhibit aimed to bring awareness to the consequences of gun violence in America through art, according to the creators.  Read more

UA Poetry Center welcomes Literary Director to staff

Diana Delgado talked to the Daily Wildcat about integrating into her new role as the Literary Director of the University of Arizona Poetry Center.  Delgado works closely with the literary community in Tucson to curate reading lectures at the center Read more

LGBTQ+ fraternities/sororities balance exclusivity with inclusivity

“Most of our predominantly white organizations had exclusionary clauses, so you had to be white in order to join, and that wasn’t really lifted until the late 70s, early 80s,” said Marcos Guzman, senior coordinator for UA Fraternity & Sorority Programs. “Students of color couldn’t join, so a lot of culturally- and multiculturally-based organizations started to pop up to meet the needs of students of color who wanted to join fraternal organizations.” Read more

Travel back in time with UA Libraries

The University of Arizona Special Collections Library is known for its access to unique materials that have given Tucson residents an opportunity to explore both the culture and history of the city.  “1968 in America”, curated by associate librarian Bob Diaz, is the newest exhibit in the Special Collections Library, which opened Sept. 4 and is available through Dec. 7.  Read more

REVIEW: Les Misérables: a musical phenomenon

"Les Misérables," the French historical fiction novel by Victor Hugo, was first introduced to the public in 1862. Since then, it has captured the hearts and minds of many and is now established as a classic. The novel was soon adapted for film and theatre and the musical produced by Broadway in Tucson did not disappoint. Read more

UA a cappella groups find their sound

A cappella is just as much about the friendship as it is about the music, a theme we can draw from the six groups on campus.  The a cappella groups at the University of Arizona are CatCall, Noteriety, Ellervator Pitch, Amplified A Cappella, Dolce Voces and Enharmonics. Each group has their own, unique vibe but one thing they have in common is the love for what they do.   Read more

HOCO 2018 in review

This fall, artists from around the world made their way to Tucson to as part of HOCO Fest 2018, a festival at Hotel Congress dedicated to celebrating music and culture both locally and globally that ran from Aug. 29 through Sept. 2. Read more

Rhinestones and pom poms: UA Pom Line cheers up campus

The members of the University of Arizona Pom Line show the community and students their passion for dancing and cheering for their school by bringing as much school spirit as possible to any place they go. With football season quickly approaching, the UA Pom Line has been hard at work since early August, learning new routines and working with the Pride of Arizona band, according to Adrienne Robertson, head coach of the Arizona Pom Line. Read more

Reflecting UA values through The Pride of Arizona

Over two hundred fifty members in the Pride of Arizona assemble on and off the football field to show students that they shouldn’t feel alone in their journey through college. With its award-winning Pom Line, the "cheerful" team of Color Guard and "powerful" marching band, the Pride of Arizona creates the ideal blend of audio and visual entertainment, according to Chad Shoopman, director of the Pride of Arizona marching band.  Read more