'A Streetcar Named Desire' comes to Arizona Repertory Theatre

When Marlon Brando dropped to his knees and gave that guttural howl of “Stella!” in the film version of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire,” audiences knew they were seeing a classic piece of American literature. Tornabene Theatre will host performances of Williams’ iconic play, performed by Arizona Repertory Theatre, from Nov. 5 to Dec. 3.  Read more

Four things to do this November

November has almost arrived, bringing with it the excitement of Thanksgiving, the hopes of cooler weather and a reminder that the end of the fall semester isn’t so far away. The month also kicks off a variety of celebrations and events in Tucson. Mark your calendars; we’ve got a list of fun events to come.  Read more

Weekly Wildcat Playlist: Rock n' roll for the soul

Wildcats, we’re reaching a point in the semester where midterms are over and we’re starting to fade away. We’re getting tired of going to class, doing homework, and the usual spiel of college life. To liven up your souls, we’ve got a little chicken noodle soup in the form of good old rock n’ roll for that extra kick to make it through the rest of the semester. With memorable lyrics and catchy beats, these songs are essential for the soundtrack of your lives. Read more

Homecoming traditions keep the Wildcat spirit alive

 Homecoming is upon us, Wildcats. Melinda Burke, who is the vice president of University of Arizona Alumni Relations and president of the UA Alumni Association, offered some insight into the traditions of Homecoming and just what they mean to our university.  Read more