Super Cool News: The ultimate UA bucket list

College is one of the busiest times of a young adult’s life. Between figuring out what we supposedly want to spend the rest of our lives doing, studying extensively for exams, writing papers and consuming large amounts of alcohol at parties, it can become easy to lose track of time. Before you know it, you’re about to graduate without having completed all of the things that UA students must do during their time here. Read more

Performances spotlight UA student work

The UA College of Fine Arts boasts an array of talented students across a variety of disciplines. Art is meant to be shared and it is an integral part of an art student’s college career to exhibit their art to peers, mentors and the public, but throughout the year, there are too many public performances to count. Read more

Senior Wildcats talk inspiration to succeed

May marks the end of the semester for each of us, however, this May marks a significant ending for this year’s seniors preparing to graduate. The Daily Wildcat took a moment to learn what inspired some of those among this year’s graduating class and how they’ve continually strived for their degrees amidst the craziness of college life that we are all personally familiar with. Read more

Arizona artists look back on their last year at UA

Artists can be perfectionists, spending countless hours and stress towards their work to be displayed to the world. For graduating seniors and master’s students at the UA, finally experiencing the fruits of their labor honed throughout the year is as rewarding as it is emotional. Read more

Seniors show off decorated graduation caps

Decorating a graduation cap is a tradition and can be a clever way to stand out from the crowd. Many students feel that it’s a rite of passage and can be a great way for loved ones to find them in a sea of graduates who are moving into the real world. Read more

Political engagement grows among students

Whether you support or oppose President Trump, there is no argument over the fact that he incites a willingness to participate in the conversation of today’s political issues. As he is an unapologetically outspoken politician, students of all backgrounds and political preferences have been inspired by President Trump’s actions to leave any previous state of neutrality behind and speak up about their personal interests in our democratic society. Read more