Weekly Wildcat playlist: Old hits revived as new covers

This week's Wildcat playlist is all about mixing the old with the new. These popular covers revive the best hits from pop, soul, rap and alternative genres. The artists bring a fresh take to some of the most beloved songs in history. Who says an oldie can’t be a goodie all over again? Read more

Fourth Avenue find: A glimpse inside Cafe Passé

Most Tucsonans spend summer days driving from one air-conditioned destination to another, reserving outdoor activities for a more temperate dawn and dusk. At midday, Cafe Passé’s bustling outdoor patio seems like an exception to this rule. Read more

Jazz musicians light up Main Gate Square

A warm July evening is perfect for a fun jam session. This week, the Butch Diggs jazz band performed a free concert at Main Gate Square on University Boulevard. Every other Friday during the summer months, jazz bands are scheduled to fill the streets with dynamic music for all to enjoy. Read more

Uncovering the 'Retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo'

On the second floor of the UA Museum of Art stands a fragile piece of Spanish history that has survived war, natural disaster and time itself. The retablo, or altarpiece, of Ciudad Rodrigo consists of several panels depicting religious Catholic artwork created from oil paint on wood. Read more

Wildcat apparel: Shopping for students

One thing UA students can’t get enough of is Wildcat brand apparel. The main bookstore at the Student Union Memorial Center is a great place to shop. There are also additional bookstore locations and other retail stores very close to campus that sell nearly every type of official University of Arizona clothing and novelty item in a variety of styles. Read more

Wildcat Picks of the Week: July 10-16

Tired of staying at home this summer? Need a break from work? It's an easy feat to explore some local events this week that provide the best from Tucson's food and art scene. Read these picks of the week for a variety of ideas to spice up your summer. Read more

Weekly Wildcat Playlist: The best of rock and rap

In the past, different genres of music have been mixed and matched to balance with and compliment each other, as well as to create something that's never been done before. This week, the Daily Wildcat's playlist is listing some great hits from two of the most popular genres of music, rock and rap. Read more