HOCO Fest is expected to bring international talent to Tucson

The annual HOCO Fest begins this Wednesday, Aug. 30, kicking off five days of music, art, food and more. This year, Hotel Congress aims to establish their festival as an event known on an international scale by bringing in foreign artists. The popular venue will also use the additional publicity to showcase the highlights of Tucson to visitors. Read more

Wildcat Picks of the Week: Aug. 28-Sept. 3

It’s the second week back at school, and although demanding classes may start to take over your life, that doesn’t mean the good times of summer have to stop. While settling into the routine of the school year, here are some fun events to check out. Read more

An Earful: Disappearance, deception and alternate reality in "Rabbits"

“Rabbits” is a story about a journalist’s search for her missing best friend and the frightening alternate reality game that ties into her disappearance. The main character Carly Parker is tired of police ignoring her concerns about her best friend Yumiko, and decides to do some digging herself — but she quickly gets wrapped up in the strange and complicated ARG known only as Rabbits. Read more

UA Special Collections: Remembering the Protestant Reformation

From Aug. 7 to Dec. 22, the University Libraries’ Special Collections is displaying "Print and Propoganda in the Reformation," an exhibit on the Protestant Reformation housed in the UA Main Library. The collection on display includes reformation materials, relevant artifacts and books that were printed within the first 50 years of the printing press. Read more

Astrology: Your Retrograde Survival Guide

Brace yourself for communication complications in the next three weeks while Mercury is in retrograde. If you aren’t entirely sure what that means, in astrology, this is a period where the alignment and position of the planet Mercury affects the communication aspect of our lives. Read more

Super Cool News: How to get through the new semester blues

Thousands of University of Arizona students woke up Monday morning to the completely sudden and absolutely horrifying realization that summer vacation is, in fact, already over. If you find yourself suffering from the new semester blues this week, check out these tips on how to successfully work through them. Read more

Wildcat Picks of the Week: Welcome to UA

This week there will be a variety of events to kick off the start of the new school year and acquaint students with campus life. While you settle back into the groove of classes, here are some events to look out for. Read more

Wild catfish: UA students hooked by catfishes

Students at the UA seem to favor the popular dating app Tinder, which allows UA students to find potential mates within close proximity to meet up with and mingle. Unfortunately, people do not always portray themselves accurately on social media and this leads to naive students being catfished. Read more