Here's three places on campus to rent equipment instead of going broke

During your time at the University of Arizona, you may find yourself in need of a textbook, camera or laptop. The cost of these items can add up, and you might start asking if they are actually worth it. That’s why the UA offers a variety of resources where students can rent out various items. Here are a few of the places you can go when you’re thinking of renting something. Read more

Live entertainment around campus

There are several places on and around campus for students to go to for live entertainment in their free time. From plays and musicals performed by University of Arizona students to rock concerts and dance shows, here is a list of places to find your fix of fun. Read more

OPINION: What the Yuma border crisis means

On February 15th of this year, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency at our border with Mexico, citing the surging number of illegal immigration, and the inability of the Border Patrol to control the flow of people into the country without emergency funding  Read more

Arizona athletics enhances game day with stadium renovations

University of Arizona sports facilities underwent a number of renovations last year, including upgrades to Arizona Stadium, Rita Hillenbrand Memorial Stadium, and Hillenbrand Aquatic Center, as well as the recently added Cole and Jeannie Davis Sports Center. The enhanced structures will surely appeal to players and fans alike, and improve the experience and atmosphere at sporting events.  Read more