Rich Rod accuser hits UA with $8.5 million claim

The woman who accused former head football coach Rich Rodriguez of sexual harassment and creating a hostile workplace has filed an $8.5 million notice of claim against the University of Arizona and the board charged with overseeing the state's university system, the Arizona Board of Regents.  Read more

UA invented sensor network hopes to save lives

University of Arizona faculty, in conjuncture with Tech Launch Arizona and a local entrepreneur, have invented and licensed a sensor platform currently designed for mines. Focusing on people’s health and safety , this application of sensor technology is the first of its kind.   Read more

Sumlin contract: $14.5 million over five years

 He will also be the highest paid employee on campus, agreeing to a $14.5 million contract over five years, pending approval by the Arizona Board of Regents according to a UA press release. He will make $2 million during his first two years, and $3.5 million for the next three seasons.   Read more

POLICE BEAT 01/16/18

 Officers responded to a narcotics report at the Honors College residence hall, Arbor de La Vida, on Monday Jan. 8.  At approximately 9:18 p.m., the resident assistant showed them the room that was omitting the offending odor.  Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. celebrated at Centennial Hall event

On Sunday afternoon, the University of Arizona brought the Tucson community together for the second annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Centennial Hall, observing his memory through a passionate concert of music, contemporary dances, and progressive poetry.  Read more