Police Beat 8/29/18

Two unknown male suspects took a joyride in a University of Arizona golf cart, then took off after crashing it into the University Services Building on Aug. 15. Read more

ASUA Starts semester looking for Senators, big ideas

In the tradition of Syllabus Week, the senators of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, UA’s undergraduate student governance body, eased back into campus life with an informal meeting to discuss their plans for the upcoming semester.  Read more

Welcoming Wildcats back to campus

As campus starts to fill with wandering students who are returning or getting ready for college classes for the first time, the University of Arizona is ready to give them a Wildcat Welcome.  The Wildcat Welcome program is intended to welcome all Wildcats to campus and to a new semester by hosting a variety of events to build up the Wildcat experience, according to the website.   Each event is geared toward helping students adjust to the university lifestyle and are put together through university programs ranging from the Associated Students of the University of Arizona to Think Tank.  Read more

Early move-in students assisted by outside company

A new move-in service was tested for early move-in students in Park District on Saturday, August 11. Instead of carrying their belongings up staircases and down halls, the company, University and Student Services, did all the heavy lifting.  Read more

Bookstore is the spine of campus

The University of Arizona Bookstore has spent months preparing for the fall semester, and it is finally here. The Bookstore is an ever-active system of moving parts. To put on any event means weeks to months of effective collaboration and preparation, and there is a lot of ground to cover, according to the marketing team. “Everything has to be prepped for student orientation,” said Hannah Rapp, a third year student studying marketing and entrepreneurship at the UA and student lead at the Bookstore. “We want to make sure all of the merchandise and our pop-up shops are ready for back-to-school."  Read more

The Daily Wildcat 2018 Campus Guide

The Daily Wildcat's 2018 Campus Guide is the perfect resource for any incoming Wildcat. Whether you're trying to find important dates, looking for a club to join or are interested in UA history and traditions, we'll be there to help you get through your first semester. Welcome to the University of Arizona!  Read more