Five things I wish I knew as a freshman

Nervous about starting college? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here are a few tips from someone who was once a nervous, out-of-state freshman wondering how she would survive at a school larger than her hometown.  Read more

Campus Services: From A to Z

With all the services and clubs the University of Arizona has to offer, it can be easy to get lost in acronyms. Here's an A-to-Z guide of a few clubs and resources students can take advantage of.  Read more

UA strategic plan; Where are we now?

The University of Arizona, under the direction of President Robert C. Robbins, has launched a new strategic planning process, which aims to position the campus as a leader of higher education. With a total of five phases, including discovery, ideation, testing, development and implementation, the strategic plan is currently in the testing phase, which aims to solidify a set of initiatives that are prioritized most by the campus community. “While we have been soliciting feedback from the university community to shape the strategy throughout the process, this phase is explicitly designed to share initiatives and collect broad input,” said Lisa Ordóñez, co-chair of the strategic plan. Read more

A handful of sparkles? Not the brightest idea.

After a long college career, graduation stands out as a pinnacle of anxiety and excitement for the class of 2018. There are a few things to check off the list before walking up on the graduation stage and claiming the long-awaited diploma, one of which is senior pictures.  Read more