Grand Theft: Bicycle Season

The University of Arizona’s bike population on campus creates an opportunity for people with ill intention to snap a U-lock for a bike.  Although U-locks are for the most part trustworthy to keep a bicycle safe, location and visibility are another factor to keep in mind.   Read more

CATS4Critters creating a home for all wild cats

Sergio is the big cat of the yard, a leader. Oreo is a trap-savvy mama who knows her way around town. Dumbledore is just another guy trying to get by with what he has. And a few cool cats like Melman become a celebrity on the street.   Read more

Fall semester 2018: Important Dates

Sure, it's summer now. But before you know it, temperatures will cool down (OK, maybe not cool down, but still) and the days will get shorter. In anticipation, here is a calendar of big events happening in and around campus come August.  Read more