Column: Freedom of speech is an endangered species on colleges campuses across the nation

I’ve been asked to speak at various locations for various occasions in the past. I spoke at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in 2009 when the tea party had a rally. I’ve been a panelist for the Philadelphia Bar Association discussing the media and O.J. Simpson. I’ve gone to the state Capitol to testify about gun violence and the link with mental illness. I’ve spoken at churches, in Spanish and French, trying to keep immigrants from panicking about President Donald Trump’s executive orders. Read more

Column: D2L server crashes impact UA's online learning enviornment

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is essential to a UA student’s success and needs to be properly maintained. Lately, the UA’s D2L system has been crashing multiple times a week. It’ll sometimes be a login issue or some sort of server error, but whatever the reason, it’s an inconvenient problem, especially with the amount of work required in college. Read more

Column: Martha McSally has a view on women's rights for both Republicans and Democrats

When discussing feminism, people often get too wrapped up in divisive social issues that polarize ideas to the left. While these issues are important, what we want to focus on is a more practical fight for women’s rights, one that centers on breaking gender stereotypes that are still prevalent in society. Arizona’s conservative Representative Martha McSally has been fighting for women’s rights in this way throughout her life. Read more

Column: Trump's the environment's best friend

Trump has almost waged a one-man war against the environment and the safety of the American people by trashing environmental protection laws and safety regulations for the American worker. By doing this Trump says he is “creating jobs,” yet all he is doing is increasing corporate profit by lowering production costs in certain industries. Read more