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Imagine you live in a country where you cannot survive. Jobs are hard to come by and those available will not provide enough for a healthy life for you, let alone your family.

Many get burned by new UA tobacco ban

The new smoking and tobacco policy released by the UA, while good in theory, is misguided in its planned execution and has resulted in overkill of what could have been a beneficial policy. Read More

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Starbucks brews up tuition to ASU

Many of us grow up being told the value and importance of a college education. We are told that going to college will open doors to our dreams and that not going will take away our ability to fulfill those dreams. Though the true cost of not attending ...

Where online classes may go off course

It’s hard to imagine how students got by before the age of computers. Libraries were not meeting areas or Wi-Fi hubs, but places where students would find information in books, using indexes and glossaries.

Loss of jet likely means more noise or less jobs

To many students, the odd jet flying over campus appears to be just another reject from an original-trilogy “Star Wars” movie, but to longtime residents of Tucson, the A-10 Thunderbolt II is one of the city’s cultural symbols.

Rank and File

BRILLIANT Sudanese prisoner freed: Merian Ibrahim had been sentenced to death by hanging for the “crime” of marrying a non-Muslim. read more

NRA misses its shot at sensible open carry view

Recently, the National Rifle Association broke tradition by moving away from its long-held position of pushing against any restrictions on gun ownership when the NRA Institute for Legislative Action website posted an article ... read more