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I grew up watching Bill Cosby, paragon of American fatherhood, in Nick at Nite reruns. “The Cosby Show” was progressive for a variety of reasons, and I have understandably since associated Cosby with wholesome family values, awesome sweaters and eventually (many years later) raunchy, raunchy stand-up.

Column: Large lectures are no luxury

I have officially mastered the art of multitasking in my biology lecture: listening and taking notes on DNA translation while managing to sneak in a few social media checks. I even half-mindedly engage in my neighbor’s endeavors to conquer the ...

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Column: Pope Francis made lame duck by conservatives

For Roman Catholics — converted or cradle, practicing or not — the selection of a new pope sticks out as a flashbulb memory. It’s not so much election night, where people know they took the time to vote — or didn’t — and have a candidate ...

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Column: Shine a light on shadow classes

The student-athlete conspiracy is a ridiculous-sounding scheme in which players are led by the hand through college so that they can participate in sports.

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