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Column: Your pet ownership is just a little self-indulgent

Thanksgiving in the Castro household consists of four key components: watching the parade, watching the dog show, going to visit the “white” side of the family and then finishing the day by visiting the Cuban side.

Column: Lax gun control to blame for increased violence, not religion

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the governors of 31 states including Arizona declared they oppose allowing Syrian refugees into their state borders. While they cannot legally carry this out, they can make the process extremely difficult for ...

Column: Castration humane way to prevent further abuse

A recent New York Daily News article reveals that “studies in Germany have shown about 3 percent of castrated offenders repeated their crimes. For those who didn’t undergo castration, the figure ranged from 46 percent to 75 percent.”

Column: Governors overstep, show racism and cowardice

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, more than half of all state governors—including Arizona’s very own Doug Ducey—have now closed their doors to Syrian refugees, citing concerns that terrorists will masquerade as refugees ... read more

Column: We shouldn't be fighting ISIS with kid gloves

When we shamelessly flouted the U.N. and myriad international laws concerning state sovereignty and human rights by invading Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 2003 under a pretext that proved to be disingenuous at best and more likely profoundly criminal and ... read more

Column: Life, Liberty and an open shore

In light of the attack, many Americans have become terrified and are championing closing off the U.S. borders from Syrian refugees. They believe that letting in refugees could let terrorists into the county as well, but closing our borders and letting ... read more