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Column: The third and final debate

Sec. Clinton may have been referring to the use of Trump Foundation funds to buy a giant painting of the real estate mogul, but she likely spoke for many American voters tonight as they watched her opponent discover creative new ways to shoot himself in the foot.

Column: Foreign language learning frustrations

Column: Foreign language learning frustrations

There's a certain frustration that comes with trying to learn a foreign language in a classroom setting, and unfortunately the foreign language departments at UA tend to further that frustration in various ways. Read More

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Column: You can't always play devil's advocate

It’s a noble goal to try to play devil’s advocate when you feel that a legitimate view is not given the respect it deserves, but sometimes that view is shown to be so categorically undependable that playing devil’s advocate is morally impermissible. ...

Column: Family Weekend is here, but you're not

It’s Friday night, the start of family weekend, and people are all around, but your folks couldn’t be harder to find. Not tonight. Maybe not this week. They’ll come another day.

Column: To debate or to not debate, that is the question

As many commentators have noted, the opening of the second presidential debate resembled a rap battle more than it did any kind of heightened discourse. The two candidates refused to shake hands, instead choosing to sway awkwardly in the other’s general ... read more