Skinner's Winners: College Football week-one picks

Over the years, week one has one or two decent matchups that are surrounded by games you have on your T.V. just so you can have any sort of competitive football on. This week is different than week ones in the past, where you waited all day for the 8ET/5PT ABC game between two teams that the preseason poll told you might be good. This year, it’s loaded from start to finish. Read more

Letter to the editor: The rewards of foreign language learning

Daily Wildcat columnist Rhiannon Bauer is right, learning a second or third language is no easy prospect. As a subject, language occupies a unique zone that does introduce students to hard and fast rules and then sometimes seems to set those rules completely aside. This can lead to frustrating feelings with no readily apparent solutions in sight. Read more

Column: College puts you in your bubble

Being a college senior, I have had much exposure to college and college students. I have seen how demanding we can be to each other, to our professors, to our parents. I've seen that being self-centered is the one thing we all have in common, although we would like to believe we're unique, individual, and completely different.  Read more

Column: The third and final debate

Sec. Clinton may have been referring to the use of Trump Foundation funds to buy a giant painting of the real estate mogul, but she likely spoke for many American voters tonight as they watched her opponent discover creative new ways to shoot himself in the foot. Read more

Column: Political views across the family landscape

This past year has been difficult for a lot of people because of the heated, toxic political climate. It seems like there is a new bombshell or allegation thrust into the media every day about the presidential campaign. It's exhausting information to grapple with in addition to all of the other information we have to process through each of our own individual lives.   Read more

Column: Hillary Clinton is still a feminist icon

Bill Clinton's presidential scandal propelled Hillary Clinton to begin her own career in politics after the Clinton's left the White House. Now, as she is running for president of the United States, stories are beginning to resurface.  Read more

Column: The anonymity of internet trolls

Discussions and arguments understandably lead into very heated moments. But on the Internet, these arguments devolve into a barrage of unintelligent insults. The internet, while beneficial, can also bring out the worst in people due to its anonymity. Read more

Column: You can't always play devil's advocate

It’s a noble goal to try to play devil’s advocate when you feel that a legitimate view is not given the respect it deserves, but sometimes that view is shown to be so categorically undependable that playing devil’s advocate is morally impermissible. The defenders of the Trump campaign have reached that moment. Read more