SPECIAL REPORT: It Happened Here. Twice.

Looking back on the 2002 UA College of Nursing and 2011 'Congress on Your Corner' shootings that garnered national attention, The Daily Wildcat takes a comprehensive look at mass and school shootings near and far.  Read more

Editorial: Why you gotta be so Hartless?

If the regents and Presidents Michael Crow, Rita Cheng and Hart are truly concerned about the financial state of Arizona’s universities, they would have rejected these raises. The presidents’ decisions to accept them reflect fundamental failures of leadership. Read more

Assault will go unpunished

The Pima County Attorney’s Office decided against the prosecution of Tucson Police Department officer Joel Mann for violently shoving a UA student during the Elite Eight clash. Read more

We're splitting our ticket this year

The Daily Wildcat editorial board endorses candidates for the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts. The editorial board consists of Jacquelyn Oesterblad, Katelyn Kennon, Ethan McSweeney and Joey Fisher. Read more

Yay or nay: Ballot Propositions

The Daily Wildcat editorial board makes its picks for four propositions to vote on this election period. Editorials are written by Jacquelyn Oesterblad, Katelyn Kennon, Ethan McSweeney and Joey Fisher. Read more

Editorial: Debate needs unpopular opinions

On Sept. 2, we ran a column titled “Only responsibility can stop rape” by Rob Monteleone along with another column titled “Perpetrators are the only thing that can prevent rape” by Elizabeth Hannah. These columns were packaged together in our “head-to-head” feature in the opinions section. Read more

Sisley firing raises big questions

“The University of Arizona (UA) is a place without limits — where teaching, research, service and innovation merge to improve lives in Arizona and beyond,” the UA’s official website states. Read more