Growing Pains: Year one of the Sumlin Era

Building a program takes time, and one can’t judge future success of of just one season when trying to establish a culture of their own. While patience will be key, there is no doubt that the up and down season that was will leave a sour taste around Arizona football until next season. Read more

Recap: Homecoming turns into home cooking for Wildcats

The Wildcats weren’t satisfied, as they continued to pressure the Ducks, making sure that the upset they worked so hard for was going to come to fruition, as Shun Brown’s 27-yard touchdown catch from Tate and ensuing celebration all but extended the Homecoming celebrations. Read more

Arizona vs. Oregon: Three keys to victory

As it currently stands, Arizona’s chances to become bowl eligible are slim to none, but that’s exactly why they shouldn’t be counted out of any of the remaining four games. College football has proven time and time again that there is nothing more dangerous than a team with little to lose.  Read more

Skinner's Winners: Week nine picks

 Hello my fellow degenerates and sports addicts, we have been blessed with yet another full weekend of football. Will I say this every week? You bet your bottom dollar that I will.   Read more