Artist brings Tucson back to the past with new exhibition

The University of Arizona Museum of Art celebrated the opening of three exhibitions Thursday, Nov. 8, including (What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1.), created specifically for Tucson by L.A.-based Frohawk Two Feathers. The Daily Wildcat talked to Frohawk Two Feathers to get insight into his art style and the inspirations for this gallery  Read more

'Gritty kind of pretty'

When the announcer in McKale Center introduces the senior from San Tan Valley, Arizona, the crowd cheers. From the tunnel, a sprinting Shelby Edwards races toward the mat, waving to the crowd and smiling every step of the way. Read more

DAB ON 'EM: Kennady Schneider

In the final seconds of her routine against Michigan State University, Arizona sophomore gymnast Kennady Schneider left the McKale Center crowd with something to talk about. She fell to her knees and did a popular dance move, the Dab, to a thunderous applause from the crowd and her teammates. Read more