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I am a member of a prominent fraternity on the UA’s campus, and after reading this article, I couldn’t remain silent.

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The country that prides itself like no other on liberties and freedom keeps flushing those very core values further and further down the toilet. Read More

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Letter to the Editor: "Other" representation

Arizona Senate Bill 13-411 is a part of the justification for the “use of force and guns in crime prevention” — Arizona’s very own Stand Your Ground law.

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For someone who harps on Aaron Gordon’s supposed inconsistency as much as [James] Kelley does in his article [“Column: Gordon’s choice is an obvious one,” March 31], it is perplexing how inconsistent his arguments are. read more

Letters to the Editor

The claim that students “rioted” because they were upset after the loss to Wisconsin is far-fetched and lacking factual support. read more