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Fiesta looks to bless the rains down in Tucson

With the help of the Tucson community, the monsoons may be coming Tuesday for the 17th annual El Dia de San Juan Fiesta. Each year on June 24, the fiesta attendees pray for the beginning of the monsoon season to bring new life to the desert.

Spanish department celebrates centennial

While the entire university is busy celebrating homecoming, this year’s festivities are especially important for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, which is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.

Top 5 local destinations for adrenaline junkies

While Tucson has no shortage of dynamic dive bars, nightclubs, delectable restaurants and trendy hotspots, it does not offer much in terms of extreme weekend activities.

Hey, Barkeep!

“Hey, Barkeep!” is Wildcat Weekend’s regular Q&A series with community bartenders. read more

Spice up your date night

With nearly 14,000 out-of-state students enrolled at the UA, local creative date ideas might not be obvious to everyone. read more

Out and about in Tucson: this week in August

Attend a free show, while also supporting some of Tucson’s local talent. Steff & the Articles could be described as “raging jazz-pop” and are sure to put on a good show. Joining them will be Mombasa and local act Phillip Yancey’s side-project ... read more