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8 Tucson concerts to see this fall

Those local to the Dirty T know all too well that even though Tucson does have occasional moments of greatness, there isn’t a whole lot to do around here a lot of the time. Newcomers to this oh-so-glorious city will come to realize this soon enough. ...

Frank Ocean goes Blond

The days of demanding content from Frank Ocean via angry tweets are over. After four years, Ocean has finally released his LP follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange.

Julien Baker, a poet of pain and self-discovery

It’s one of life’s cruel ironies: we all experience similar struggles, but feel alone by suffering in silence. Our greatest pains in life rarely find a voice—self-loathing, breakups and an existential ache that never escapes the internal monologue ... read more

Q&A with Mariah McCammond, a true Tucsonian rebel

Growing up playing violin, Mariah McCammond immersed herself in a sphere of classical music at a young age. After a long hiatus, McCammond rekindled her passion for creating music after she discovered a new instrument and reconnected with another side ... read more