Campus Guide '17: Concert venues highlight the city's music scene

Tucson’s live music scene is quite eclectic, with rock, alternative, country and hip-hop among the genres represented. Several venues regularly sell out shows for local artists as well as national acts who make a point of adding Tucson to their tours. Incoming students can look forward to seeing the many different artists and bands that contribute to Tucson’s ever-growing music culture and community. Read more

Weekly Wildcat playlist: Old hits revived as new covers

This week's Wildcat playlist is all about mixing the old with the new. These popular covers revive the best hits from pop, soul, rap and alternative genres. The artists bring a fresh take to some of the most beloved songs in history. Who says an oldie can’t be a goodie all over again? Read more

Jazz musicians light up Main Gate Square

A warm July evening is perfect for a fun jam session. This week, the Butch Diggs jazz band performed a free concert at Main Gate Square on University Boulevard. Every other Friday during the summer months, jazz bands are scheduled to fill the streets with dynamic music for all to enjoy. Read more

Weekly Wildcat Playlist: The best of rock and rap

In the past, different genres of music have been mixed and matched to balance with and compliment each other, as well as to create something that's never been done before. This week, the Daily Wildcat's playlist is listing some great hits from two of the most popular genres of music, rock and rap. Read more

The Rock: A staple concert venue in Tucson

For music lovers searching to try out a new concert venue, look no further than The Rock Tucson. Located on Park Avenue, local and national bands come to share their talent within its black, sticker and poster-laden walls. Fans can stand in front of a small stage, getting up close and personal with their favorite musicians. While the Rock is known for hosting mostly rock bands, the venue welcomes performers from a variety of musical genres, thus serving a wide audience and giving patrons the ability to discover new music. Read more

Weekly Wildcat playlist: Semester's end

Wildcats, we are a hairsbreadth away from the semester’s end. Many of us are ready to drop and call it quits, but remember to summon one last burst of energy and willpower and you’ll come out feeling successful. Read more

Weekly Wildcat Playlist: Pre final exam pump-up tracks

It’s that time of year again. Exams are beginning to pile up and finals are right around the corner. Summer is almost here, we just have to make it through the final stretch. Before going into a final exam, it is important to enter the right mindset, and to pump yourself up a little bit. This can be achieved simply by listening to the right song beforehand. So, to make sure your mind is in the right place before you take your test, try listening to one of these pre-final pump-ups. Read more