The Rock: A staple concert venue in Tucson

For music lovers searching to try out a new concert venue, look no further than The Rock Tucson. Located on Park Avenue, local and national bands come to share their talent within its black, sticker and poster-laden walls. Fans can stand in front of a small stage, getting up close and personal with their favorite musicians. While the Rock is known for hosting mostly rock bands, the venue welcomes performers from a variety of musical genres, thus serving a wide audience and giving patrons the ability to discover new music. Read more

Weekly Wildcat playlist: Semester's end

Wildcats, we are a hairsbreadth away from the semester’s end. Many of us are ready to drop and call it quits, but remember to summon one last burst of energy and willpower and you’ll come out feeling successful. Read more

Weekly Wildcat Playlist: Pre final exam pump-up tracks

It’s that time of year again. Exams are beginning to pile up and finals are right around the corner. Summer is almost here, we just have to make it through the final stretch. Before going into a final exam, it is important to enter the right mindset, and to pump yourself up a little bit. This can be achieved simply by listening to the right song beforehand. So, to make sure your mind is in the right place before you take your test, try listening to one of these pre-final pump-ups. Read more

Bansheebeat: turning lectures into electro

For many students, getting paid to do what they are passionate about feels like only a pipedream. For Dylan Browne, it is his past, present and future. A UA junior and music major, Browne is a Tucson native and a musical artist under the name Bansheebeat. The independent electronic artist is inspired by Super Nintendo and Toonami, and Bansheebeat has been Browne’s primary musical project for years. Read more

KFMA Day, Blink-182 rocks Tucson for first time

KFMA Day was a sea of black clothing, colorful hair and people ready to jam out to their favorite punk rock bands. The crowd went for all the performers, but most had their sights set on headliner Blink-182, who had never performed in Tucson before. Thousands of people made their way into the heat at Kino Sports Complex for a full day of music starting at 1p.m. The lineup included Dirty Magic, Islander, Goodbye June, Highly Suspect, A Day To Remember and Blink-182. Read more

DJ Pike Romero talks hip hop influences

When it comes to Tucson hip-hop, it’s almost impossible to miss DJ Pike Romero. Romero, aka Smash Lames, is a DJ in the Tucson area and the director of Tucson’s Hip Hop Festival. The Daily Wildcat had a chance to interview him about what inspires him and who he looks up to in hip-hop. Read more