Trump unveils budget and plans to Congress

President Donald Trump revealed new details about his proposed 2018 national budget, including a 10 percent increase in defense spending, with matching cuts to unspecified departments, before his address to Congress on Tuesday night. Read more

UA scientists help update national valley fever guidelines

Fever, fatigue, headaches, joint aches, chest pain, coughs—these symptoms send people to the doctor regularly, and the diagnostic possibilities are vast. Yet, in Southern Arizona and Southern California, there’s one possibility that’s often overlooked: valley fever. Read more

UA takes a closer look at Obama's goal of curing cancer in the U.S.

“When you say, 'let’s cure all cancers' as an overarching umbrella term, there are so many different kinds of cancers for different organs, but also different tissues within the organ, and then when you're talking about the different tissues, there’s different kinds of cancers within those tissues," Young said. Read more