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Know your status, Campus Health gives tips on having a healthy sex life

While a majority of the UA population admits to using condoms during sex—about 68 percent, according to last year’s UA Campus Health and Wellness survey—a great portion does partake in doing the deed without protection. With many involved in some ...

UA professor puts in his papers for Congress

UA adjunct professor James Villarreal is considering a bid for Arizona’s 3rd District seat. The Raytheon engineer says his team is in the exploratory phase right now as they analyze data, looking at questions of cost and tactic.

UA plans for new border studies center in Nogales

Former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro’s house has been left vacant since his death in April 2015. Now the UA hopes to rejuvenate the residence as a new border studies center for students and faculty.

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Column: Pay attention, pedestrians

The UA campus is no small place, so riding a bike rather than walking makes getting from Old Main to the library much less daunting. But when everyone is riding instead of walking the roads, they become as clustered as those designated for cars. read more

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Police Beat: December 2

A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall after a resident assistant reported smelling marijuana coming from one of the rooms. read more

Police Beat: November 4

Two UA students were arrested for minors in possession after holding up traffic while walking through a crosswalk. read more

Police Beat: November 2

A UAPD officer responded to Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage for a welfare check on a student who was vomiting. read more