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Meet the new president of UA's Young Republicans

Ashlee Bierworth, a junior studying political science and law, is the newly elected president of University of Arizona College Republicans. Her current position reflects an active career in campus government and representation.

ASUA senators discuss platforms and goals for this year

Andreas Zai, a computer science and pre-business sophomore, is working on his platform that focuses on making the structure of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona more efficient and effective for both senators and the students they represent. ...

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Places to know on campus

Just about every one of us can locate the Student Union Memorial Center or Arizona Stadium on a map, but there are plenty of places on campus that aren't as highly publicized. read more

New restaurants join UA menu

UA’s culinary services seeks to capture student interest by introducing savory masterpieces with new restaurants expected to be unveiled in the fall. read more

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Support Tucson artists for authentic experience

In a well-renowned hippy haven like Tucson, chock-full of craft stores, vintage shopping and local artists, shopping local and keeping money in the community isn’t difficult. Start the school year right with some local art from all over the city. read more

Long live the Tucson food scene

This weekend, in Tucson’s grand tradition of embracing local food culture, the Heirloom Farmers’ Markets will host their second bi-annual Viva La Local Food Festival fundraiser on Saturday. read more

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