UA alum brings mass spectrometry testing to Tucson

Mass spectrometry is the new genomics, and Tucson is the place to be for the emerging market. At least that’s what Nina Ossanna, vice president and co-founder of Pharos Diagnostics, thinks. Ossanna is a three-time UA alum and worked at the university for 10 years as the business-development director for UA’s Bio5 Institute. She felt it was time for a change. Read more

UA banned persons list made public for first time

The University of Arizona Police Department has released a list of people that have been banned from campus or sections of campus to the public for the first time. Currently 40 men and women are on the list, which can be viewed on UAPD’s website. Read more

Gone phishing for data: UA fights email scams

An email designed to look like it was sent from UA President Ann Weaver Hart was identified as a threat on Jan. 12. At the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, an email sent to some university employees appearing to be from the UA president turned out to be a phisher in Belgium. Read more

Pobeat 01/20/17

A University of Arizona Police Department officer pulled a vehicle over for driving without headlights at sunset on Jan. 7. The officer discovered that the man was driving with a suspended license. Read more