14 and 16-year-old siblings start their freshman year at UA

Siblings Justin and Rhyanna Fleming didn’t make it to the fifth grade before they decided to quit school, deeming it a waste of time. However, now aged 14 and 16 years old, respectively, the two decided to attend school again — starting here as sophomores at the University of Arizona.  Read more

Researchers hope to combat spread of invasive species of grass

Buffelgrass, an invasive species in the Sonoran Desert, causes wildfires to burn hotter and longer, damages the soil and its nutrients and out-competes native desert species. The grass, brought to the United States from Africa and southern Europe, was meant to revitalize the over-grazed cattle ranges of the Midwest, but once rooted, it spread to the dry Southwest, where it thrives and threatens native ecosystems.  Read more