UA Tech Park Opens Huge New Solar Array

TEP spokesman Joe Barrios said the new solar-panel array, constructed by E.ON, will be capable of generating up to 2 megawatts of energy. The combined total generated by the various solar-panel arrays in the Solar Zone is about 25 megawatts. Perhaps more crucial, though, is the storage system and its capability. Barrios said it can store 10 megawatts of energy. Read more

UA President Robert Robbins speaks with student media during first-day rounds

Dr. Robert Robbins officially took to his new office as the University of Arizona’s 22nd president Thursday, June 1, with an inauguration in front of Old Main and a meeting with student groups and media. In addition to meeting with Matt Lubisich, president of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, Robbins sat down to talk with members of KAMP, UATV and the Daily Wildcat. Read more

New ASUA president details plans for 2017-2018 academic year

ASUA is comprised of three branches. The administrative branch handles programs and services, like Spring Fling, Pride Alliance and SafeRide. The executive branch handles clubs and club funding. The presidential branch, known as the cabinet, oversees two programs, ZonaZoo and the Wildcat Events Board. Read more

Student fees support resources throughout UA campus

Per the Arizona Board of Regents, mandatory fees for incoming students and students not on the guaranteed tuition plan total $1,368 for undergraduates and $1,262 for graduates. The new budget will bring increases to the Student Services, IT and Library, Health and Recreation and Athletics fees, totaling about $350. Read more

ASUA student government addresses UA student concerns

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the UA’s student government, has a hand in nearly every program and resource available for students on campus. “A lot of students don’t really know what we do until they need us or one of our programs,” said Matt Lubisich, ASUA president. Read more