Police Beat: Family Weekend Edition

Being an adult apparently does not mean that you can’t still blame everything on your parents. At least, that’s what one drunk University of Arizona student thought when he was caught by a University of Arizona Police Department officer during Family Weekend 2015.  Read more

Out-of-state students faced difficulties when registering to vote

Many students have registered to vote in Arizona in the past few weeks of school, but with a catch. Out-of-state students who would like to vote face obstacles such as accidentally becoming ineligible to vote in their home state by registering in Arizona, missing their deadline to register or being unaware of the necessary steps that out-of-state voters must take to register. Read more

14 and 16-year-old siblings start their freshman year at UA

Siblings Justin and Rhyanna Fleming didn’t make it to the fifth grade before they decided to quit school, deeming it a waste of time. However, now aged 14 and 16 years old, respectively, the two decided to attend school again — starting here as sophomores at the University of Arizona.  Read more