University of Arizona 2019 Salary Database

According to the 2018/19 University of Arizona salary database, the university has spent $862 million on salaries for over 12,000 faculty and staff members. Here are some of the most important takeaways from the 2018/2019 Salary Database.  Read more

Jousting, jewelery and turkey legs: RHA to out on their first Renaissance Festival

  The first Renaissance Festival hosted by the Residence Hall Association is coming to the University of Arizona Mall on Saturday, March 23, from 3-6 p.m. The festival will have performances, activity booths and snacks, with free admission. All UA students who want to enjoy the afternoon exploring the Renaissance era are invited, according to Kari Thomas, director of programming for RHA and a neuroscience and cognitive science student. Read more

E-scooters to hit Tucson streets in July

In October of 2018, the University of Arizona banned the use of e-scooters and similar devices on campus. Those caught riding a scooter on campus are subject to possible fines and impounding of the device. Read more