Park Student Union to become UA Global Center

The University of Arizona’s Strategic Plan outlines many changes, some of which have already been set in motion. One such project is the development of a UA Global Center in the current Park Student Union building, which will house many of the services UA Global provides.  Read more

UA ranked No. 15 in producing Peace Corps volunteers

The University of Arizona recently ranked No. 15 among large colleges and universities on the Peace Corps' list of top volunteer-producing schools in 2019, marking the fifth year the UA has ranked among the top 20 schools having more than 15,000 undergraduates. Read more

Previously identified religious cult remains on campus

Have you been approached on campus by a person wearing sunglasses and an empty backpack asking you to take a survey on religion?  If you have, you were probably approached by a member of the Faith Christian Church. In 2015, over 20 former members alleged this Christian ministry had cult-like practices, according to an Arizona Daily Star investigative article.  This investigation, however, has not prevented group members from being on campus and interacting with students. The alleged cult-like practices included teaching members to corporally punish their children, financially coercing members and encouraging members to alienate themselves from their families.   FCC was a member of the University Religious Council until the article was published, prompting the URC to investigate FCC and revoke its membership. Read more

Police Beat 4/3/2019: Special Delivery

 Getting a package is always a treat, whether it’s cookies from mom, a sweater from grandma or a bong from yourself. However, only one of those will get you in trouble with the law. A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Coronado Residence Hall after the mailroom attendant reported the scent of marijuana coming from inside a package on March 11. Read more

Incoming UA professor to study previously unopened moon samples

Incoming University of Arizona assistant professor Jessica Barnes will lead a research team studying lunar samples that were originally collected during the 1972 NASA Apollo 17 mission. The study will focus on how different curation and storage practices affect lunar samples. Barnes and her team will compare their lunar samples, stored at freezing temperatures and untouched since their original collection, with lunar samples kept at room temperature. Read more

Experience a Tucson without cars at Cyclovia

Cyclovia is a free, biannual event where three miles of Tucson streets are made car-free for the day and are lined with different activities, events, food and other entertainment. The spring 2019 Cyclovia event will take place Sunday, April 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Read more