Early move-in students assisted by outside company

A new move-in service was tested for early move-in students in Park District on Saturday, August 11. Instead of carrying their belongings up staircases and down halls, the company, University and Student Services, did all the heavy lifting.  Read more

Gentle Ben's comes full circle with party for new bar

One of Main Gate Squares most popular eateries would like to gently remind you of its grand re-opening party today. Gentle Ben’s Brewery, located at 865 E. University Blvd., will host the party to mark the completion of the first round of construction on its new downstairs bar.   Read more

The Daily Wildcat 2018 Campus Guide

The Daily Wildcat's 2018 Campus Guide is the perfect resource for any incoming Wildcat. Whether you're trying to find important dates, looking for a club to join or are interested in UA history and traditions, we'll be there to help you get through your first semester. Welcome to the University of Arizona!  Read more

The need-to-knows of biking on campus

Purchasing a parking pass, refilling the gas tank and occasionally changing the oil can be daunting for some students. However, switching from four to two wheels can have its perks and, according to UA Alternative Transportation Program Manager Jessica Hersh-Ballering, the university is a perfect opportunity for students to get used to a biking lifestyle.   Read more