Q&A: Spring Fling Marketing Director Josler Tudisco

This is Josler Tudisco’s second year as the Director of Marketing for UA’s Spring Fling that will be held on the UA Mall on April 13th through 15th. Tudsico is a senior this year, double majoring in political science and psychology. He is also the president of Bobcat Senior Honorary on campus.   Read more

POLICE BEAT: Spring Fling edition

University of Arizona Police Department officers witnessed three men at the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center jump onto a golf cart in an attempt to evade the police on April 10, 2016.  Read more

Spring Fling booths bring in the dough

This year, Spring Fling will have 29 rides, 16 original booths, 11 game booths and five commercial food booths. With approximately 30,000 people attending the event each year and different ticket options varying from $5 to $30, there is a lot of money that will be going around.   Read more

Tapping into the lives of Tapingo couriers

Hundreds of students know what it’s like to place an order on Tapingo, but not many know what happens between that moment and the moment when the food arrives at their doors.  That’s where Tapingo couriers kick in to gear.  Read more