Addy, the study buddy: The harms of unprescribed Adderall

“College is tough And sometimes you just neeD a little help. SenD me an email and we can talk about how we can get Your college career on the next level.” Last semester a flier in the Harvill building with this text, with the capitalized letters spelling out “ADDY,” was forwarded to the University of Arizona Police Department by Rosanna Curti from the Dean of Students Office, according to the UAPD case report. The attachment was sent to Mickell Barney, a UAPD Crime Analyst, leading to the discovery of a non-UA affiliated individual selling Adderall, aka Addy, on campus.  Read more

UAPD to go over what to do in case of shooter

 The University of Arizona Police Department will hold an active shooter information session open to all students and faculty of the School of Theatre, Film & Television at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 22. Ramon Moreno, a crime prevention and public information officer for UAPD, is speaking at the session. He said the active shooter information session is to let students know what UAPD’s response will be and to teach students safety precautions. Read more

Pobeat 2/20/2019: Sign shenanigans and room rascality

 A Sign to Stop Sometimes when you ask the universe for a sign telling you whether or not you should be doing something, for example stealing a road sign, it makes the answer pretty clear, like when the word “stop” is literally right in front of you. Read more

College of Medicine's career fair looks to reach high school students

The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson South Campus has invited high school students to attend “A Pathway to Success," a healthcare career fair, on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from 5-7:30 p.m. Students interested in a career in a medical or health-related field can learn from resident physicians in the College of Medicine about a future in these fields at the event.  Read more