Welcome from your student body president

Welcome Wildcats! My name is Natalynn Masters and I am your student body president. I want to take this time to welcome you to campus and let you know how excited we are to have you join the Wildcat family. College is an exciting journey that will provide you with some of your best memories.  Read more

EDITORIAL: Let the Wildcat be your guide

 The Daily Wildcat wants to welcome all incoming freshmen and their families, and let you know we’re here for you. Whether you are looking for important updates on news or events happening on campus, or the latest on your favorite University of Arizona athletes, we have you covered. Read more

Five things I wish I knew as a freshman

Nervous about starting college? Don't worry, you're not alone. Here are a few tips from someone who was once a nervous, out-of-state freshman wondering how she would survive at a school larger than her hometown.  Read more

EDITORIAL: UA must resist weakening of Title IX protection

While those being accused of a crime or other violations that could have huge consequences on their lives should absolutely have the ability to defend themselves and appeal their decision, there are no compelling reasons to allow direct confrontation, or to take the right of appeal away from the accuser if the initial hearing does not go in their favor.  Read more

OPINION: Rediscovering the art of protest

By attracting the public eye and inspiring people to have an opinion and act on a certain goal, it not only signals to politicians that this issue is a sticking point to a sizable voting block, it also shows them that their zeal on the subject will keep protest attendees energetic and politically active down the road.  Read more

OPINION: President Robbins saves the day

Have you seen him on campus? I mean, if you’re ever on campus, you probably have. I have seen him six times already, he’s made time to say hello to me on three occasions, and I’ve heard of his presence in the area probably a dozen times otherwise.  Read more

OPINION: Embracing 'Hippie Family Values'

The Ranch, like many other communities of its kind, was born to young rebellious “flower children” in their 20s and 30s. It was established in 1976 and unlike many other communities of its kind, is still around today.  Read more

OPINION: Honors is worth the investment

There are certainly plenty of non-honors students who are just as qualified as their honors college friends. The point is, I simply hope honors colleges are used for their original point of academic altruism, rather than just personal vanity, and deliver accordingly. Read more