OPINION: It takes a lot to be an RA, but it can be worth it

 The University of Arizona has 23 different on-campus dorms. Normally, each floor in the dorms has its own resident assistant, or RA. RAs are there to enforce the rules of the dorms, build community and check in with residents. I was wondering: what does it take to be a RA, and what draws people in to become one? Is it worth it to be a RA?   Read more

OPINION: Who is in the migrant caravan? People. People are.

Rhetoric has been spread about the kinds of people in the caravan. Some believe “Middle Easterners” have joined in order to create a new caliphate and destroy all order in the United States. Others believe the majority is comprised of gang members or wannabe welfare moochers. The truth? Most of the members of the caravan are from a poverty stricken country south of Mexico called Honduras.  Read more

GUEST LETTER: Why is this election important?

Not all the world gets to live in a liberal democracy, and individuals in Venezuela and Iran are deeply envious of your right to vote. As repeated attempts by the GOP to undermine our core democratic institutions and discourage political participation show, we need to appreciate our democratic freedom while we still can, which is why I expect to see you at the polls this Nov. 6.  Read more

Grow, but remember your roots

For University of Arizona alumni, whether they graduated last year or 50 years ago, this week is a chance to come home to the campus that helped shaped them into who they are today.   Read more

TWO SIDES: Healthcare for all?

In this two sides column on heath care, Ariday Sued argues for power to the consumers, while Chuck Valadez thinks that as you cover the government, the government should cover you. Read more

OPINION: Ideas for trimming the budget

 The idea of a cut and balanced budget always seems to be the battle cry for the conservative. I, a left-leaning liberal, agree with the premise but disagree with the execution of the idea by the GOP.   Read more