OPINION: If DACA isn't fixed, acts of disobedience may become necessary

We have to do more than hope and care. Actions, even at the micro-level, matter. It was the actions of participants in the Civil Rights Movement — Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, protesters organized sit-ins at the Woolworth lunch counter, etc. — that gave way to bigger events and bigger marches, which led to the Civil Rights Act. Read more

OPINION: Outreach programs give former inmates new opportunities

If the U.S. is dedicated to ending prison overcrowding and lowering the national crime rate, it should dedicate itself to prisoner outreach programs. These programs help contact inmates and offer them support groups, high school diplomas, job experience and counseling that can help them once they are released. Read more

EDITORIAL: UA must put student needs above athletic dollars

As Daily Wildcat reporting has revealed, the community was not informed they would have to pack up and leave until just a few weeks before the end of the fall semester. When they were finally told what was happening, the resulting move, hastily planned and poorly executed, left students searching for parking permits and dealing with other headaches. Read more

OPINION: ASUA elections worth consideration

ASUA seems much different to me than student government in high school. There is a larger student base, and the representatives actually have the ability to do something. The elected students make important decisions for their respective colleges and the university as a whole. Read more