OPINION: President Robbins saves the day

Have you seen him on campus? I mean, if you’re ever on campus, you probably have. I have seen him six times already, he’s made time to say hello to me on three occasions, and I’ve heard of his presence in the area probably a dozen times otherwise.  Read more

OPINION: Embracing 'Hippie Family Values'

The Ranch, like many other communities of its kind, was born to young rebellious “flower children” in their 20s and 30s. It was established in 1976 and unlike many other communities of its kind, is still around today.  Read more

OPINION: Honors is worth the investment

There are certainly plenty of non-honors students who are just as qualified as their honors college friends. The point is, I simply hope honors colleges are used for their original point of academic altruism, rather than just personal vanity, and deliver accordingly. Read more

OPINION: Respect the green vests

Even though most of us know that plastic water bottles could be, and should be, recycled does not necessarily mean they will be if some kind of trash patrol did not make sure it ended up in the recycling bin. Read more

OPINION: Don't think too much, just enjoy the rides and food

People try to rationalize carnivals in many ways. I don’t think most reasons make any sense. Some say that fairs are actually healthy, that walking around for a day and going on rides gives us about the same workout as we’d get spending an hour and a half at the gym. Though, I think that these people foolishly assume I’m not going to eat ice-cream, a corn dog, a funnel cake and maybe a slice of pizza. Read more

EDITORIAL: Tuition increases violate spirit of Arizona constitution

Instead of blissfully carrying on the entrenched mindset of raising tuition each and every year, college officials and student leaders should be fighting for these costs to be lowered, using their voices and organizing abilities to lead protests or hold information sessions to convey how serious of an issue the skyrocketing costs of higher education really are.  Read more

OPINION: Izumi offers all-you-can-eat feasts

Izumi, located at 3655 E. Speedway Blvd., is a casual but swanky dining restaurant with subtle blue accents, like the napkins and walls. There are two bars on either side of the building with seating, as well as tables and booths to sit at. Read more

OPINION: 'Book of Mormon' offers provocative fun

The sardonic plot line of two Mormons' seemingly hopeless mission to baptize the people of Africa is not all that makes this piece so provocative and profound. It is a musical after all, with stimulating song and dance numbers that are catchy and entertaining. No two are alike, and they are rife with creative genius. Read more

OPINION: Trump attacks DACA at worst possible time

Is DACA a questionable program? Yes, but for reasons other than the outcome it brings. DACA helps Americans stay in the country they are from, but puts an easy target on the back of their parents. The registry has helped Trump in carrying out his mass deportations. He needs DACA more than he leads the public to believe.  Read more