EDITORIAL: UA must protect students' data

With fears of how data can be exploited, and even weaponized, currently filling our screens, the university must do everything in its power to protect the information it has collected. It must also give students an opt-out option, and be open and honest with the community about how that data has been used, and will be used in the future. Read more

OPINION: Berry Divine offers a heavenly experience

There are a wide variety of toppings you can add to your bowl, such as bee pollen, goji berries, lemon zest, and shaved chocolate, as well as blended add-ins like protein powder and kale. Berry Divine boasts its dairy-free ingredients and vegan and gluten-free substitutes. Read more

OPINION: UA Poetry Center stanzas above the rest

The reading series put on by the Poetry Center expands the knowledge of the people in attendance but is not talked about frequently enough. The Poetry Center remains something that is underutilized for the most part by students in the College of Humanities and adults living in the Tucson area. Read more

BOOK REVIEW: Controversial author offers border insight

Francisco Cantú's new biography “The Line Becomes a River” is an attempt to come to terms with what he experienced in those four years and what occupied his mind the most once he left. Beautifully written and just in time for the national discourse on immigration to reach new heights, “The Line Becomes a River” is a definite must-read.  Read more

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Truth about Alicia’ shows human struggles

When I picked up Ana Consuelo Matiella’s book “The Truth about Alicia,” I found a gem of a completely different kind than I was used to. I recommend this book of short stories to anyone wanting to step away from mainstream reading, or anyone interested in genuine human stories. Read more

OPINION: If DACA isn't fixed, acts of disobedience may become necessary

We have to do more than hope and care. Actions, even at the micro-level, matter. It was the actions of participants in the Civil Rights Movement — Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, protesters organized sit-ins at the Woolworth lunch counter, etc. — that gave way to bigger events and bigger marches, which led to the Civil Rights Act. Read more