Column: In an era of fake news, journalists seek truth

The day the phrase “fake news” rose to the forefront of the public eye was the day the entire field of journalism was redefined. While we know this election season, and subsequent  presidency, has been unlike anything we’ve seen before, the war between the president and the press has become one  of the biggest challenges of the new administration. Read more

Column: International student finds comfort after moving across the world to UA

Being an international student has its perks; people ask you hundreds of questions about where you lived and how life there differs from life here, and they ask you to say specific phrases and sentences just to hear your accent. The thrill of moving abroad to study a field you are passionate about is such an exhilarating feeling many students do not get the opportunity to experience. Read more

Column: Freedom of speech is an endangered species on colleges campuses across the nation

I’ve been asked to speak at various locations for various occasions in the past. I spoke at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in 2009 when the tea party had a rally. I’ve been a panelist for the Philadelphia Bar Association discussing the media and O.J. Simpson. I’ve gone to the state Capitol to testify about gun violence and the link with mental illness. I’ve spoken at churches, in Spanish and French, trying to keep immigrants from panicking about President Donald Trump’s executive orders. Read more

Column: D2L server crashes impact UA's online learning enviornment

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is essential to a UA student’s success and needs to be properly maintained. Lately, the UA’s D2L system has been crashing multiple times a week. It’ll sometimes be a login issue or some sort of server error, but whatever the reason, it’s an inconvenient problem, especially with the amount of work required in college. Read more