Arizona High School student inspire local journalist

As a journalist, I am always looking for ways to give back to the community, whether it be through my reporting or, in this case, through mentoring high school students in the Donald W. Carson Journalism Diversity Workshop for Arizona High School Students. The program ran from Sunday, June 3, through Saturday, June 9, and it was packed with guest speakers, late nights, early mornings, countless meetings, reporting time, campus outings, plenty of stress, interviews and so much more.  Read more

OPINION: Why we must remember Black History

Black History Month, or any other time when we offer special acknowledgement to a marginalized group, is not meant to divide us. It is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and understand our role in dealing with these difficult issues. Read more

OPINION: Millennials vs. late capitalism

Millennials and digital native generation have played a major role in resurrecting the term. For reference, current examples of late capitalism include trends in the contemporary market that embody certain worries or ironies of which young people have become increasingly hyper aware. Read more

Women's movement marches forward

The #MeToo movement has helped many women open up about their horrifying experiences and has given them an opportunity to grow stronger while having support from a large community. Read more

New Zealand dreaming

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to move away from the U.S. and go to another country where hitchhiking is normal and I can have as many pet sheep as I want. From what I’ve heard and read, New Zealand is full of chill people who actually care about one another.  Read more