Column: The 'major' struggle with finding your dream path

Your major is a crucial consideration when applying to college. Although you may apply as undeclared, eventually you have to select something from the list of hundreds of different majors, ranging from art history to physiology. Some students seem to have been born knowing what they want to do in life, while others struggle to determine which path they’d like to follow. Read more

Column: Summer offers students freedom

There are many ways students choose to spend their summers. This time could be spent lounging around and binge watching Netflix all day, or catching up on as much sleep as possible. Summer is every student’s time to detoxify from the stress of the prior semester; the time of year we all look forward to. Have fun and enjoy yourself, but please, be careful and don’t do anything reckless. Read more

To my fellow introverts, don’t fear small talk

Welcome to the university! I hope you are as excited as I was coming in. Throughout high school, I had a picturesque vision of what college would be like—the wonderful friends I’d be laughing with, the interesting classes that I’d love and the adventures I would go on. Of course, that warm, fuzzy feeling would underlie all of the above. Read more

Column: Graduates, this is just the beginning of the rest of your life

Graduation is an exciting and daunting time for all seniors. Some of you may know what you are doing after you get that piece of paper, while others of you need more time to figure it out. Whether its graduate school, a job or maybe a planned gap year that holds unplanned experiences, the possibilities are endless. Read more