Arizona High School student inspire local journalist

As a journalist, I am always looking for ways to give back to the community, whether it be through my reporting or, in this case, through mentoring high school students in the Donald W. Carson Journalism Diversity Workshop for Arizona High School Students. The program ran from Sunday, June 3, through Saturday, June 9, and it was packed with guest speakers, late nights, early mornings, countless meetings, reporting time, campus outings, plenty of stress, interviews and so much more.  Read more

Opinion: Respect your professors

Unplug your headphones, put away your cell phones and actually listen to what your professors are saying. I guarantee they know a hell of a lot more than you give them credit for.  Read more

Opinion: An election reflection

It’s been a year since we watched the Electoral College numbers unbelievably swing in Donald Trump’s favor. The next day, many students wore black, cried, sat silently in class or refused to show up in order to mourn the result. Today, the biggest tragedy is that a lot of our peers have never recovered from the shock. Read more

Opinion: We need environmental policy that works for everyone

 The American people are beginning to recognize the immediacy of climate change and it’s up to both Democrats and Republicans to decide whether they would rather we form a comprehensive environmental policy that leaves no one behind while cutting carbon emissions and transitioning our infrastructure, or bicker over semantics and waste precious time.   Read more

Opinion: Greek Life should be restructured

Establishing new rules and new guidelines could potentially help the fumbling status of Greek chapters at campuses across the nation. These organizations that claim to be built on brotherhood and sisterhood have been fabricated under scandals that nullify their morals.   Read more

Freshmen 15: Myth or truth

The "freshman 15" is a belief that during the first year of college, students gain 15 pounds due to their eating habits, new social life and adventures away from home.  Read more

Reflections of Homecoming royalty

The tradition of homecoming is quintessential, time-honored and appreciated by students and alumni alike. Homecoming weekend was thick with pride for the heritage of our great university, its achievements and its future. Of course, the homecoming festivities wouldn't be complete without its royalty.   Here's some reflections from this year's royalty.  Read more