OPINION: Ideas for trimming the budget

 The idea of a cut and balanced budget always seems to be the battle cry for the conservative. I, a left-leaning liberal, agree with the premise but disagree with the execution of the idea by the GOP.   Read more

TWO SIDES: Healthcare for all?

In this two sides column on heath care, Ariday Sued argues for power to the consumers, while Chuck Valadez thinks that as you cover the government, the government should cover you. Read more

OPINION: 2070 will be here faster than we think; how do you want it to look?

 Usually, Homecoming Week passes by before undergraduates give it a second thought. The events aren’t for us—we’re already home. The ones who do think about it might say it’s pointless or that it’s just another way for the alumni association to make money. However, homecoming should have a bigger impact on the consciences of undergraduates than anyone else.  Read more

EDITORIAL: Voting is about you

Here in America, we love to vote. On reality singing/dancing competitions and Family Feud, especially. But what if I told you that there was something you could vote on that — are you sitting down — actually matters?   Read more

OPINION: If people vote, Arizona could go blue

For as long I have been alive, Arizona has always been a red state. I can’t remember a time when the state government wasn’t controlled by a Republican majority. However, with the demographics changing, this could put everything we know about Arizona politics on its head.  Read more

EDITORIAL: Climate change: the horror story that doesn't end in October

Life is good right now. Really good. At least in America, we have infrastructure that allows us to get clean water even out here in drought-stricken Arizona. You can drive to McDonald’s and get an entire meal for one dollar. Streets are clean, construction is happening everywhere (they finally finished construction on Grant Road) and it’s getting cold again.   Read more

OPINION: The Sun Link is how much? I think I’ll walk

Like many Tucsonans, I have a few criticisms of the streetcar (and I’m still a little sore from the time the ticket machine ate my $20). Overall, though, I think it does a great job linking the heart of Tucson together. But it’s just way too expensive.  Read more

OPINION: Kavanaugh confirmed, and rape culture reaffirmed?

Even scarier than his anger, his insistence that the left is out to get him or his aggressively self-proclaimed love for fermented barley is the fact that Kavanaugh is no different than the guy who sits next to you in your physics lecture. In fact, there are many like him. Look around, your local frat house is packed to the brim with future Kavanaughs.  Read more