Column: Senate Bill 1142 is out to get you

A group of friends organize a peaceful protest against the President Trump's possible dealings with Russia. During the protest, out of no fault of the planners, some of the participants become agitated and a riot breaks out. The planners are arrested, and in trial, one of the organizers loses her house to pay for the property damage. Read more

Column: Legalize charity haircuts for the homeless

Many people have the luxury to go to a salon and get their hair styled and cut. It’s a luxury that most people enjoy doing, especially with keeping up a good appearance. However, homeless people don’t have this luxury. They don’t have the privilege to maintain their appearance.  Read more

Letter to the Editor: Sign the Tucson red tag petition

Red tag laws are meant to protect the Tucson community, but they are being used to target UA and Pima Community College students. The city ordinance imposes enormous fines on students and even greater fines on the student if they try to fight an unjust red tag in court.  Read more

Column: Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser

The ongoing saga of retired General Michael Flynn, which culminated on Monday with his resignation from his post as National Security Advisor, stands out as the grossest example of the Trump administration’s unique blend of moral dereliction and systematic incompetence. Read more