Column: Stay grateful in the tough times

November has been a long and rocky road, to say the least. Students were somehow expected to undergo the turmoil of the presidential election and then, in the same month, sit down with family and avoid getting into arguments about the results.  Read more

Column: Patients before profit

Pharmaceutical companies have charged obscenely high rates for their products in the U.S. The American people deserve affordable medicine to treat their illnesses. Read more

Column: Why we all should be wearing safety pins

People all over the country are wearing safety pins on their tops to show solidarity with marginalized groups after President-Elect Trump's win. This is their way of peacefully protesting Donald J. Trump's degrading, offensive campaign rhetoric that caused him to win over a large group of disgruntled voters across the country. Celebrities, children, regular people everywhere are uploading selfies with visible safety pins attached to their clothes. Read more