Opinion: Phone spoofing more than annoyance

I’ve learned through trial and error that numbers almost identical to my own are telemarketers or scammers telling me for the third time that I’ve won a trip to the Bahamas. This is called “spoofing,” where a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity, as stated by the Federal Communications Commission. Read more

Opinion: Study abroad expands your horizons

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being able to go to a new country, with a group of people all about the same age, can be life changing.  Going to countries in Europe or South America to study can make traveling  more affordable to parents. Read more

Opinion: High property crime in off-campus neighborhoods

There are plenty of options for off-campus student housing, but it doesn't ensure the same amount of safety as living on campus does. Tucson clearly needs reform in crime and policing, but it's frankly irresponsible for the university to have limited on-campus housing options for students when the available off-campus housing options around the university are dangerous. Read more

Opinions: Clubs great way to make friends and memories

Joining a club or being part of an organization is really important to a college experience because it allows new friendships to develop, and having college clubs on a resume looks impressive to future employers. Take a look at a couple social clubs at the UA!  Read more

Guest letter: Evidence connects football to brain damage

Provost Andrew Comrie and Chief Financial Officer Gregg Goldman recently circulated an announcement that university administration would effectively close on the afternoon of the football game against Utah and suggested that faculty “may opt to adjust their class schedules or course content” so as to “showcase and demonstrate our university spirit.” I am disconcerted by the administration’s connection of “university spirit” to support of its most violent and dangerous sport. Read more