Freshmen 15: Myth or truth

The "freshman 15" is a belief that during the first year of college, students gain 15 pounds due to their eating habits, new social life and adventures away from home.  Read more

Reflections of Homecoming royalty

The tradition of homecoming is quintessential, time-honored and appreciated by students and alumni alike. Homecoming weekend was thick with pride for the heritage of our great university, its achievements and its future. Of course, the homecoming festivities wouldn't be complete without its royalty.   Here's some reflections from this year's royalty.  Read more

Letter to the editor: We should have right to boycott Israel

As a Jewish woman living in the United States, I believe I have the right to follow my conscience and question certain political actions by the state of Israel, and then boycott them because of that. Those who believe in the protection of our first amendment rights must demand that Arizona legislators repeal this restrictive law. Read more

Trump's party of one

 The Republican party of today is an entirely different beast than ever before. With the announcement of Jeff Flake’s and Bob Corker’s semi-forced retirements, as well as the continual personal attacks on GOP party establishment members, Trump’s approach is more blunt, heavy handed and open to the public.  Read more

Are you going to eat that?

By overbuying food from our grocery stores and never eating it, it isn’t a far stretch to say that we are essentially taking that food right off of the plates of our own less-fortunate community members and throwing it right in the trash. Read more

Reality of American healthcare

Multi-payer systems are more regulated and many may find fault in that by principle of individual liberties. However, if we Americans are interested in reducing costs while still providing efficient, effective care we may need to compromise, and allow for more regulated medicine. Read more

What if Arizona doesn't want to turn blue?

 “Turn Arizona Blue” has been the rallying cry of grassroots Democrats canvassing voters across the southwest for the past decade in an attempt to repeat Bill Clinton’s surprising win of the traditionally red state back in 1996.   If they really want to turn Arizona blue, they cannot attempt to let population trends do all the work for them.  Read more