Opinion: Beyond alternative facts

Political or cultural “flippancy,” as I will denote this phenomenon, is a trend which has been taking shape for some time and is, at least nominally, unhealthy for our comprehensive understanding of good and bad information. Cultural flippancy, distinct from other unofficial terms including “fake news,” is the distillation of an issue of meaning and complexity to a simple, digestible and unashamedly inaccurate piece of information. Read more

Opinion: How private is your social media account?

You can argue that most of your pictures and posts are private, but debt collectors and anyone else can find family members or friends who will innocently give her your new phone number, address or work location. Here's a look at privacy on some of the largest social networks.  Read more

Opinion: U.S. an enemy to internet

When you are searching for controversial topics in the United States, it seems to become an even more common sight. Connection speeds slow, and the little wheel spins with a skip and a jump, almost as if your computer is warning you that someone is taking an extra-close look at your movements. Read more

Opinion: Balancing parenthood and school is stressful, but it's worth it

Being a college student and a young mom feels impossible sometimes. From making sure that my daughter is being taken care of while I’m at school to making sure that I turn in homework that is worth 20 percent of my grade, it takes a huge toll on me. When I think about my future, I know that when I get my bachelor’s degree next year, that all my tears, stress and sleepless nights will be worth it. Read more

Topic of the week: DACA

This week four Daily Wildcat columnists weigh in on President Trump's recent decision to end the Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals program. Read more

Opinion: Professors beware, cheating on smartwatches

Cheating with a smartwatch is extremely easy, especially right now. Not many students have smartwatches so teachers aren’t looking for them. When students are in a large auditorium with 100 plus peers, it’s easy to scroll through documents undetected by a professor.  Read more

Opinion: Financial aid office offers help

The next time you have to enter the financial aid office, I hope you’ll remember how much they’re trying. They hope so hard that you’ll leave satisfied and you can be the special student that recognizes their effort and gives them a much-needed thank you. Read more

Opinion: Students waiting on children until after college

According to NPR, the average age for a woman in the U.S to have her first child is at 26.3 years old. Families can look perfect with wonderful, charming children. But when you live with them in close proximity, you see things that make you wonder why the heck people want to have kids. Read more

Editorial Board: Boos and Bravos 8/30

Boos and Bravos highlights the best and worst happening around the UA and Tucson communities and is brought to you by the Daily Wildcat Opinions Board. We welcome Boos and Bravos from our readers, tell us yours by sending an email to opinion@dailywildcat.com. Read more