OPINION: Izumi offers all-you-can-eat feasts

Izumi, located at 3655 E. Speedway Blvd., is a casual but swanky dining restaurant with subtle blue accents, like the napkins and walls. There are two bars on either side of the building with seating, as well as tables and booths to sit at. Read more

OPINION: 'Book of Mormon' offers provocative fun

The sardonic plot line of two Mormons' seemingly hopeless mission to baptize the people of Africa is not all that makes this piece so provocative and profound. It is a musical after all, with stimulating song and dance numbers that are catchy and entertaining. No two are alike, and they are rife with creative genius. Read more

OPINION: Trump attacks DACA at worst possible time

Is DACA a questionable program? Yes, but for reasons other than the outcome it brings. DACA helps Americans stay in the country they are from, but puts an easy target on the back of their parents. The registry has helped Trump in carrying out his mass deportations. He needs DACA more than he leads the public to believe.  Read more

OPINION: Bordering states, different mentalities

Although united by a common American heritage and a joint hatred of the New York Yankees, California and Arizona have been experiencing a bit of a spat over the issue of immigration for the past eight years, and the feuding has only become more personal in recent months.  Read more

OPINION: Be gracious with gratuity

Working in the service industry reminds me of why I am in college, but I gotta pay for tuition somehow. Unlike some of these silver spoon-fed SOBs, some of us are responsible for our own education. It is hard getting stiffed, even out of a lousy dollar, when it happens roughly 25 percent of the time. Read more

GUEST COMMENTARY: Trashing free expression

Certain viewpoints or expressions offend us, and even if not offensive, opposing viewpoints cause feelings of discomfort. There is, then, an ever-present urge to apply a double-standard, to stifle opposition while retaining our own freedom to express our point of view.  Read more