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For most Americans, Thursday was a time to share a hearty meal with friends and family before slipping into a food-induced coma while watching 300-pound men clobber each other on TV.

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Facebook pages promote unhealthy discourse

There is no place like Facebook for the average troll, and with a trend of UA-specific pages creating a sanctuary for outrageous and harmful posts, anonymous users are creating online toxicity on these pages that some call “entertainment.”

Letter to the Editor

While I agree with the author’s point that the game industry has a long way to go to overcome sexism, I have some issues with the arguments that were made.

Reusable food order forms can help reduce waste

Each day, students use approximately 4,500 pages of paper when ordering from on-campus restaurants, according to Jason Tolliver, the director of the Arizona Student Unions.

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Many get burned by new UA tobacco ban

The new smoking and tobacco policy released by the UA, while good in theory, is misguided in its planned execution and has resulted in overkill of what could have been a beneficial policy. read more

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New year, same solutions

Another year has come and gone, we’ve grown, we’ve changed — all that jazz. Four days a week, the Daily Wildcat has published columns, editorials and letters from students and staff who needed a forum in which to air their grievances, often with ... read more

Students bear down on bigotry

Lately, the word “diversity” is stamped on every milestone and marker nationwide. It’s buzzing off the lips of every politician and administrator. It’s trendy. read more

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