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Students of the Pac-12 comment on the latest news and issues.

Navajo junk food tax can serve as positive example

A proposal for a 2 percent sales tax increase on junk food purchased in the Navajo Nation, which covers more than 27,000 square miles extending throughout northeastern Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, is currently heading to the Navajo Nation Council for ... Read More

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Letter to the Editor

While I agree with the author’s point that the game industry has a long way to go to overcome sexism, I have some issues with the arguments that were made.

Reusable food order forms can help reduce waste

Each day, students use approximately 4,500 pages of paper when ordering from on-campus restaurants, according to Jason Tolliver, the director of the Arizona Student Unions.

GMO labeling allows consumers to be better informed

On Nov. 6, Washington state’s Initiative 522, which would have required genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such, failed in the voting booths — a travesty for truth that should not go unnoticed.

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Citizenship could be tied to civics in school

Last week, state representative Steve Montenegro (R-Litchfield Park) proposed a plan that would require every high school student in Arizona to pass a 100-question civics test before graduation. The test would be the same test one must pass in order ... read more

Americans influenced more by Young Adult novels

This past week, Mother Jones ran an article titled “Almost All the Books People Say Influenced Them Were Written for Children.” It analyzed 130,000 responses to the recent viral Facebook status that asks people to list the 10 books that have impacted ... read more

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Editorial: Debate needs unpopular opinions

On Sept. 2, we ran a column titled “Only responsibility can stop rape” by Rob Monteleone along with another column titled “Perpetrators are the only thing that can prevent rape” by Elizabeth Hannah. These columns were packaged together in our ... read more

Sisley firing raises big questions

“The University of Arizona (UA) is a place without limits — where teaching, research, service and innovation merge to improve lives in Arizona and beyond,” the UA’s official website states. read more

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Letter to the Editor

I was pointed to this article by one of my friends on Facebook, who posted it with commentary along the lines of, “I can’t believe that anyone would allow this article to be posted.” That kind of endorsement is the best clickbait money can buy ... read more