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It is true: Online ads keep our clicks unhampered, our surfing smooth, our cat videos free of charge. But the world of online marketing is in many ways still an enigma, a beast that few have been able to tame.

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Head-To-Head: The $200 athletics fee

Columnists Jessica Suriano and Scott Baca go head to head to discuss what they think about the proposed $200 athletics fee. 

Caucuses give Iowa unfair edge

With Iowa a few days behind us and all the candidates and pundits descending on New Hampshire for the second primary of election season, it’s time for the American political system to take a meaningful look at Iowa’s entitlement, or lack thereof, ...

Service animals need to be regulated

With the return of therapy dogs to campus each semester during finals week, many students crave the company of a canine companion to ease their stress.

Are we friends with people, or phones?

An article from CNN states that teens spend almost nine hours a day checking social media. That is more time than they spend sleeping, learning or socializing with peers.

Bike tax necessary to save lives

If you ever feel like toeing the line of death, you could go sky diving, bungee jumping or — if you’re in Tucson — just ride your bicycle. It’s dangerous everywhere, and improvements in bike safety are a must for this big city with a small-town ...

Column: Sanctions on UA Greek Life cause more problems than they solve

Fraternities are a beacon of parties and excitement on college campuses. They provide everything a college girl could ask for: alcohol, boys and something to talk about with friends in the morning. However, hazing and disorderly conduct go unmentioned ...

Column: Grow up, gamers

Video game fans are the most hostile, negative fan community out there. They bully other fans and creators alike, exhibiting a level of entitlement not seen among filmgoers or book readers. 

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Column: Football shouldn't be demonized for its dangerousness

With the Super Bowl being played today, it's the perfect time to rehash some of the internal frustration that I swept under my Philadelphia Eagles rug during this football season. My beloved game became a target for high-brow thinkers and writers alike, ... read more

Column: Another all-white oscars shows issue with Academy

I already have my entire Oscars acceptance speech all planned out. It’s really good, but I won't get to utter a word of it unless I happen to win one of those little golden bastards in the distant future. All aspiring filmmakers have some version of ... read more

Column: The merits of meritocracy

The logic of meritocracy seems sound. If racial bias is what necessitated diversity policies in the first place, then perhaps racial blindness is the next step for companies to ensure fair representation and pay. read more

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SPECIAL REPORT: It Happened Here. Twice.

Looking back on the 2002 UA College of Nursing and 2011 'Congress on Your Corner' shootings that garnered national attention, The Daily Wildcat takes a comprehensive look at mass and school shootings near and far.  read more

Editorial: Why you gotta be so Hartless?

If the regents and Presidents Michael Crow, Rita Cheng and Hart are truly concerned about the financial state of Arizona’s universities, they would have rejected these raises. The presidents’ decisions to accept them reflect fundamental failures ... read more

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Letter to the Editor: 'Safe' Act truly evil

This is a letter to everyone else, everyone who knows better and who has a responsibility to negate the overwhelming fear and ignorance that are saturating our media and government. read more