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Column: You never know with roommates

As if moving out of your parents’ house isn’t enough of a shock, many freshmen also have to deal with the adjustment of living with a complete stranger in a room that may not be much bigger than your average walk-in closet.

Column: A look at UA sex and love

College is traditionally a time of sexual activity and passion, but it’s important for incoming UA students to understand the difference between reality and legend when it comes to college and sex.

Column: Arizona can lead the push for gun control

The tragic event that occurred in Orlando, Florida on June 12 is something that will remain in our nation's memory for decades to come, and whether the shooter was driven to this act of hatred and violence by an allegiance to the Islamic State or by ...

Column: Straight allies are important to LBGT activism

Rightly so, allies don't exactly belong to the community, as they don't share the same sexual preferences, gender identities and other traits that set LGBT people apart. But for that reason, allies serve very unique — and potentially critical ...

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Column: Don't forget healthcare's human element

Humans are not items on a conveyor belt; therefore, we should not be treated as though we are. One of the industries that seems to be most guilty of labeling people as numbers rather than people is the world of healthcare.  read more

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SPECIAL REPORT: It Happened Here. Twice.

Looking back on the 2002 UA College of Nursing and 2011 'Congress on Your Corner' shootings that garnered national attention, The Daily Wildcat takes a comprehensive look at mass and school shootings near and far.  read more

Editorial: Why you gotta be so Hartless?

If the regents and Presidents Michael Crow, Rita Cheng and Hart are truly concerned about the financial state of Arizona’s universities, they would have rejected these raises. The presidents’ decisions to accept them reflect fundamental failures ... read more

UA smoking ban just smoke and mirrors

It was the night before classes started; social events marked by forced friendliness and repetitive what’s-your-major introductions set the campus abuzz. read more

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Letter to the Editor: UA has failed its Tohono O'odham students

The UA sits on the ancestral land of the Tohono O’odham. This is a fact that can be found in Southwest history textbooks and in the oral histories of the Tohono O’odham nation. Yet, when it comes to the support, encouragement and, most importantly, ... read more