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Column: Zero tolerance policies at schools fail to address real issues

No butter knives, no leaves and no clocks, according to zero tolerance policies enforced among many school districts across the country. These policies, which began as a way to crack down on drug use, weapon use and general violence, have morphed into ...

Column: GOP candidates create new language, "American", confound nation

As if calls for deportation and border fences along Mexico and Canada weren’t already sinking Republican chances of winning over Latino voters in 2016, Republican candidates have recently begun championing a new line of rhetoric concerning the national ...

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Editorial: Why you gotta be so Hartless?

If the regents and Presidents Michael Crow, Rita Cheng and Hart are truly concerned about the financial state of Arizona’s universities, they would have rejected these raises. The presidents’ decisions to accept them reflect fundamental failures ... read more

UA smoking ban just smoke and mirrors

It was the night before classes started; social events marked by forced friendliness and repetitive what’s-your-major introductions set the campus abuzz. read more

Assault will go unpunished

The Pima County Attorney’s Office decided against the prosecution of Tucson Police Department officer Joel Mann for violently shoving a UA student during the Elite Eight clash. read more

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Letter to the Editor: Student regents

Decisions made by the Arizona Board of Regents affecting students at our public universities take into account your essential voices—the individuals earning degrees at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. ... read more