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Column: AZ bans banning plastic bags

Let’s hope the current generation of young adults in Arizona enjoys the idea of a future littered with plastic waste, because that’s what it’s looking to be.

Column: Law banning too-skinny models achieves nothing

France recently passed legislation prohibiting fashion models with a body mass index below 18 from working. Modeling agencies violating the ban could face over $80,000 in fines and up to six months in prison.

Column: Pay your taxes, folks

In one of the vice presidential debates against Paul Ryan heading into the 2012 election, Joe Biden made an astute observation when he derided people like Ryan for their lack of “economic patriotism.”

Guest Column: Republican women are, in fact, pro-woman

As a woman and current resident of Tucson in these great United States, I would like to personally thank Jacob Winkelman, columnist at the Daily Wildcat, for championing my rights and needs in his recent column, “Women candidates not always pro-woman.” ...

Column: US should ban pennies, tax rounded-up prices

A few years back, James Rolfe published a profanity-filled rant to YouTube on the subject of pennies — how useless they are, how obnoxious they are to handle, and how they waste both time and space. It’d be hard to say he was wrong.

Letter to the Editor: Civil Discourse

On January 8, 2011, Tucson congresswoman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords hosted a “Congress on Your Corner” event at Safeway on the corner of West Ina and North Oracle roads.

Editorial: Stop. Increasing. Tuition.

Average university tuition in Arizona increased almost 81 percent between the start of the recession in 2008 and 2014, more than in any other state in the nation.

COLUMNS more in columns

Column: Kansas hates poor people

Citizens who receive governmental aid under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program in Kansas will probably want to move to another state. read more

Column: Stanford sets new standard on tuition

Stanford University recently announced that it will pay the tuition of all students whose family make less than $125,000 per year, and the tuition and room and board for students whose families make less than $65,000 per year. read more

EDITORIALS more in editorials

Assault will go unpunished

The Pima County Attorney’s Office decided against the prosecution of Tucson Police Department officer Joel Mann for violently shoving a UA student during the Elite Eight clash. read more

We're splitting our ticket this year

The Daily Wildcat editorial board endorses candidates for the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts. The editorial board consists of Jacquelyn Oesterblad, Katelyn Kennon, Ethan McSweeney and Joey Fisher. read more

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Letter to the Editor: Treat graduate students better

Graduate students are integral to making the UA a first-class teaching and research institution. For example, graduate students teach one-third of the undergraduate classes offered at the university. Graduate students also publish our own research. Thus, ... read more

Your Views: October 1

I am a member of a prominent fraternity on the UA’s campus, and after reading this article, I couldn’t remain silent. read more

Your Views: September 25

The country that prides itself like no other on liberties and freedom keeps flushing those very core values further and further down the toilet. read more