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The tragic event that occurred in Orlando, Florida on June 12 is something that will remain in our nation's memory for decades to come, and whether the shooter was driven to this act of hatred and violence by an allegiance to the Islamic State or by his own homophobia, one thing is obvious — he should not have had access to a firearm.

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Column: Summer students need to eat, too

If you’re looking for a place to grab a snack or get office supplies on the UA campus this summer, you’ll find yourself working a little bit harder to find an open shop.

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For-profit schools often spark the ire of the public. There is a conception that these schools prey on the desperate and weak and give them nothing in return.

Column: College is the time to make friendships that last a lifetime

Many freshmen come into college with fantasies of grandeur. I say fantasies, and not delusions, because though some are unlikely, several actually do end up coming to fruition. Your dorm-mates might become your close friends, the cafeteria food might ...

Column: UAccess will always win, freshmen

UAccess is a confusing interface that incoming freshman are expected to figure out on their own. The short tutorial offered during registration does not offer enough insight into this monster of a website to truly help students.

Column: Tests are useless stressors in student's lives

Many students are still trying to recover from last week, which provided them with more tests than they could have ever asked for. And with the onset of finals week this Friday, there’s no time to rest.

Column: The "pink tax" is keeping women from financial equality

Walk into any grocery or convenience store and compare similar products for men and women. You will find that even though both products have practically the same ingredients, the product marketed toward women will oftentimes be higher in price. This ...

Column: School policies need exemptions for victims of sexual assault

A female student was raped by a much older man in her off-campus apartment during a date, and upon going to the police — who later went to the school to report the incident — was summoned to a disciplinary hearing for violating the school's "Honor ...

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