Police Beat 9/25/2019: Get REC-ked

While college does not have any sort of official dress code, the gym has an unofficial one. People expect to see running shorts, yoga pants, T-shirts and sneakers. No one would think to wear, say, a ski mask. Except this guy. Read more

Police Beat 9/18/2019: Budding Heads

Offering help to a resident assistant is a nice gesture, but if that help is green and leafy and comes in a plastic bag, students may be better off keeping that offer to themselves. Read more

Police Beat 8/26/2019: Secret Identity

 While we would not normally give criminal advice, here’s a tip for future conmen: When the police ask for your identity, do not give them a name that sounds like a rejected Marvel comic book character. University of Arizona Police Department officers were patrolling the east side of campus in search of a man reported to be peering into car windows and pulling on their door handles on Aug. 7 at around 12:15 p.m.  Read more