KFMA Day, Blink-182 rocks Tucson for first time

KFMA Day was a sea of black clothing, colorful hair and people ready to jam out to their favorite punk rock bands. The crowd went for all the performers, but most had their sights set on headliner Blink-182, who had never performed in Tucson before. Thousands of people made their way into the heat at Kino Sports Complex for a full day of music starting at 1p.m. The lineup included Dirty Magic, Islander, Goodbye June, Highly Suspect, A Day To Remember and Blink-182. Read more

Review: 'Taken' TV series keeps all the action and gunfire of movies

Nearly a decade ago, the original "Taken" film that began the unforgettable trilogy was released. Audiences everywhere were floored by the action, Liam Neeson’s performance and the immortal words spoken by Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills: “I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.” Of course, Mills, a retired CIA field operative, more than carries out his declared threat. Read more

Review: ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ has Legos, Batman and plenty of laughs

As perpetually stressed out college students, we have to remember to occasionally take a break from the stress of life and get back in touch with our childhood roots. Some of us will remember our glorious childhood days spent building creations with Legos. Others may have spent their youth obsessing over superheroes, like Batman. Luckily for these two groups, there now exists the perfect way for Lego fans and Batman fans to relieve stress; making a trip to the movie theater to see “The Lego Batman Movie.” Read more