Q&A: Space round table to bring new topics to campus

Stephen Fleming hosts monthly round tables centered around space, as part of a series he started in 2017. Fleming is the vice president of Strategic Business Initiatives at the University of Arizona and has played a crucial role in bringing the space community together in the Tucson area.  Read more

STEM collaboration tackles student career readiness

UA’s STEM Learning Center and UA’s Career Services have collaborated with several companies, including Intel and American Express, to bring internships and other opportunities to gain experience in particular fields to students. The collaboration was inspired by a 2014 study published by the STEM Learning Center that projected the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs that would be available in Pima County. Read more

Mars' atmosphere a key to its dry surface

The red planet has been featured in the news quite a bit recently as technology improves and new discoveries are made. Mars has fascinated readers and scientists for years because of the possibility that long ago it may have had liquid water on its surface and may, at one time, have had the potential to support life. Read more

Green means go: Emerald light a natural painkiller

When pain rears its ugly head, people often reach for a bottle of pills in hopes of relief. Those who suffer from chronic, debilitating pain may find it difficult to function on a day-to-day basis without pain pills, which can prove costly and addictive over time. However, a team of UA researchers recently discovered a medical phenomenon: green light therapy can reduce discomfort and over-reliance on medication. Read more

Spring Fling psychology: The call of the crowd

The scent of kettle corn and fry bread fills the air, while neon lights in the distance flash to the pulse of a live band’s bass guitar. Spring Fling is just around the corner, but for those of us who would prefer to stay in and watch a movie rather than face large crowds of noisy people, the idea of joining in the festivities doesn’t sound too exciting.  Read more

Late-semester blues: Mental health experts talk student wellness

With finals and graduation around the corner, stress is high, sleep is low and people around the university are starting to feel the effects. With so many individual stressors, it is important to take a moment to self-assess your emotional and mental wellbeing. However, there are many different factors that play into mental health issues, and oftentimes these illnesses are not easily recognizable, even though they have a large impact on the lives of many. Even the people closest to those affected may not be aware of the problems they are facing. Read more