Q&A: Space round table to bring new topics to campus

Stephen Fleming hosts monthly round tables centered around space, as part of a series he started in 2017. Fleming is the vice president of Strategic Business Initiatives at the University of Arizona and has played a crucial role in bringing the space community together in the Tucson area.  Read more

Google hosts a weekend of innovation at UA

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business-savvy minds will have the chance to showcase their ideas and prototypes next weekend at the UA Startup Weekend — designed and hosted by Google. Over the course of three days, like-minded individuals and teams will pitch their ideas for new innovative products and companies. Read more

Ways to thrive as a science major

So you decided to major in the sciences. Want to be the next swanky tech entrepreneur or a world famous researcher? Here are some Arizona Summer Wildcat-certified tips to help you survive your freshman year. Read more

Meme inspires scientific redo by undergraduates

UA students in an evidence-based medicine class are trying to replicate the experimental results their peers from a previous semester found, where having a woman on a man’s lap while he bench pressed allowed him to do more repetitions. Read more