Q&A: Space round table to bring new topics to campus

Stephen Fleming hosts monthly round tables centered around space, as part of a series he started in 2017. Fleming is the vice president of Strategic Business Initiatives at the University of Arizona and has played a crucial role in bringing the space community together in the Tucson area.  Read more

Showing and telling

The UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry hosted their Show & Tell: Grad Jam on Wednesday from 6-7:30 p.m. at Playground Bar and Lounge. Read more

STEM program diversifies field

Teachers in Industry is a UA-partnered program that aims to educate teachers and increase their retention rates in science, technology, engineering and math classrooms. Read more

Grad Slam begins at UA

The UA Grad Slam, an opportunity for graduate students to present their research in three minutes or less for the chance to win $3,000, began preliminary rounds on Monday in the Student Union Memorial Center Kiva Room. Read more

Blinded by the light pollution

It’s the only pollution that we see every day but never think about. Light pollution may sound like an issue only astronomers care about, but it has been linked to negative effects on our health, ecosystems and climate. Read more