Cassini spacecraft ending 20-year mission by crashing into Saturn

On Friday, Sept. 15, the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn will hurl itself into the gas giant, ending its twenty-year long mission. In its final moments, the spacecraft will collect unique data unlike anything seen before, including samples of Saturn's atmosphere and various pictures of the planet. Read more

New polymeric sunscreen first of its kind

Chemists at the University of Arizona have developed a new, long-lasting sunscreen that won’t break down or absorb into your skin. “We’re the first to develop a polymeric sunscreen material,” said Ravindu Nanayakkara, a graduate student in chemistry and researcher involved with the project. Read more

Creating Mars on Earth

Off the West coast lies a research facility that informs the NASA mission to Mars. The Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) program tests the endurance of humans in limited living space and resources. Read more

Encryption Explained

An indicator that a tool or system is working well, especially in programming, is that you never have to think about it. It can chug along in the background, without us giving it any attention. Imagine that using your refrigerator required an intimate understanding of endothermic reactions, or that opening it required a complete mechanical comprehension of how a compressor works. Read more

UA astronomers make observations on blinking brown dwarfs

University of Arizona scientists, led by Daniel Apai, associated professor of astronomy and planetary sciences, have found the reason behind the unusual fluctuation in brightness of brown dwarfs. Brown dwarfs are celestial bodies smaller than planets but larger than stars. Read more

Here's how to have a sustainable semester

As students, you’ve all been told a hundred times how important it is to be sustainable. Your gen-ed science professor preached about it, the student-run organizations tried to recruit you and even your roommate called you out for leaving the lights on in the kitchen. Read more