Q&A: Space round table to bring new topics to campus

Stephen Fleming hosts monthly round tables centered around space, as part of a series he started in 2017. Fleming is the vice president of Strategic Business Initiatives at the University of Arizona and has played a crucial role in bringing the space community together in the Tucson area.  Read more

UA Skin Cancer Institute holds 4th annual melanoma walk

As the weather cools and warm summer heat begins to disappear, more people make their way outdoors to participate in activities such as walking, biking and running. However, not everyone is still thinking about sunscreen. That is a potentially life-threatening mistake.  Read more

How ideas about gender shape medicine

In 2010 and 2011, Plemons interviewed two doctors and many patients. He sat in on clinical consolations and surgeries, collecting qualitative data. He said two main schools of thought emerged based on the question of what transgender people need from medicine. Read more

Going 'beyond the bikini' in healthcare

“Much of women’s health care, especially for younger women -- age 20-plus -- focuses on a woman’s reproductive organs and breast cancer screening. Yet one out of three women in the United States will die from heart disease each year, compared to one in 32 who will die from breast cancer.” Read more

Hangover cures: beneficial or bust?

With the imminent homecoming festivities, if you’re anything like me, it’s likely you’ll have a few adult beverages. However, if a few drinks turns into many, a lovely hangover can be waiting for you in the morning. But fret not! There are steps that can be taken to subvert alcohol’s cruel revenge.  Read more