Moongazers to fill UA Mall this weekend

The University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium will be participating in International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, Oct. 20. Shipherd Reed, Flandrau’s associate director of communication, said the event is “a designated night where planetariums all over the world try to put together programming to observe and appreciate and celebrate the moon, our nearest celestial neighbor.” Read more

Students progam self-driving cars during three-day competition

The autonomous car is part of the Cognative and Autonomous Test Vehicle Competition, a hackathon-esque, three-day challenge where teams of two to four students collect data from the car's sensors, code instructions to the car, and eventually run a system to make the car drive on its own. Read more

Hard rock at Old Main: UA mining students compete to drill massive boulder

On the morning of April 21st, a group of hard-hatted, safety-goggled, (mostly) bearded individuals gather near a 20-ton boulder next to Old Main. Students of UA’s Mining and Geological Engineering department, they’d come to test their mettle and see who could drill the deepest hole into the massive rock—using a drill weighing close to 120 pounds with only two minutes to do it. Read more

VR technology holds many opportunities, challenges

Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly growing technology that allows its user to insert themselves into another world, and is being hailed as a new way to not only experience entertainment, but also as a potential medium for training, doing business and experiencing the world. Despite the vast possibilities, the technology still has kinks and limitations. The main issue? It has nothing to do with technical issues— try nausea and motion sickness. Read more

10 easy steps to make Earth Day part of your entire year

This planet feeds you, clothes you and provides a platform for you to accomplish your goals. While we may be celebrating Earth Day Saturday, every day should be a celebration of the planet that sustains us. With that in mind, here are 10 things you can do every day for the rest of the year to give back to the Earth: Read more

Stay safe at summer festivals with these five quick tips

Last weekend, Arizona hosted two music festivals of epic proportions. It seems that Arizona is becoming a new hub for incredibly populus music festivals. While desert raves have been in the state for decades, only in recent years have they expanded from the underground music scene and become huge commercial enterprises. This lends a certain air of approachability for those not necessarily inclined to headbang for an entire weekend. However, the more cautious of us—watching from our Snapchat stories—are still left wondering “how can I feel safe and comfortable in such a massive crowd?” Read more

Last week in science: Magnetic eels and vaccines

In the midst of spring holidays and preparation for finals, it may be interesting to note that there were amazing discoveries in science over the past week, ranging from ways to protect unborn babies against whooping cough to an eel’s “sixth sense.” Read more