Beneficial bacteria: Probiotics and the human body

Did you know that whenever you add sauerkraut to your hot dog or kimchi to your rice you’re eating millions of living microorganisms? These microscopic organisms are known as probiotics, and they play an important role in human and animal health. Read more

Late-semester blues: Mental health experts talk student wellness

With finals and graduation around the corner, stress is high, sleep is low and people around the university are starting to feel the effects. With so many individual stressors, it is important to take a moment to self-assess your emotional and mental wellbeing. However, there are many different factors that play into mental health issues, and oftentimes these illnesses are not easily recognizable, even though they have a large impact on the lives of many. Even the people closest to those affected may not be aware of the problems they are facing. Read more

Today in science history: March 31

March 31 isn’t just the last day in March. It is also a day of scientific discovery. Ranging from tragedies and innovations in aircraft technology to multiple advancements in space travel, the science history of March 31 is not to be missed. Read more

Rolling coal: UA engineer develops sustainable concrete substitute

Associate professor of mining and geological engineering Jinhong Zhang has developed a new type of concrete. This material is stronger, more flexible and utilizes more environmentally friendly components than typical concrete. With the help of Tech Launch Arizona, Zhang is commercializing his invention—dubbed “Acrete” from Arizona and concrete—with hopes of reducing the environmental impact of industrialization.  Read more

Endangered pupfish given a new home

Arizona Game and Fish Department, said the Rio Sonoyta population and the Quitobaquito population are the same species, but are considered separate “evolutionarily significant units”, and therefore managed separately in order to preserve the species’ purity. Read more